Volume 8, Issue 5, page 10

"What's that? What did you say? Who's hanging onto a job j u s t
to kill time until the next
job shows up?"

"I didn't say a word like that," you insisted, tho you had, you
were quite sure, heard
your Associate say it. The disgruntled man must be as close to
Him as you were, to hear the
words he clearly must have heard. Or maybe it was that Jesus was
close to the disgruntled m
an. Come to think of it, He had been closer to the imbalanced
ones in His in-humanflesh time.
You wanted to say that if you were going out after another j o b,
you wouldn't hang onto this
one, wouldn't be able, in all conscience, to do so. B ut then you
felt ashamed, no t because
you had so many times thought of doing just that yourself, but
because you had found
yourself, ever so little, sitting in judgment on the disgruntled
one, disapproving of him.

"Judge not that ye be not judged." Thousands of years ago your
Associate had said that, so
He didn't have to be saying it now, tho He must have reminded you
. "You are no different
than you've always been, deeply down inside you," He seemed to be
saying to you. "You're just
becoming more aware of your potentials."

"What we should do, I suppose," you heard yourself saying, more
to yourself than your
fellow employes, "is exploit every second. When I meet somebody,
or some situation, it isn't
by chance, or by accident. There is a reason, if I can figure out
what it is. I find the
reason, the meaning; then I milk it dry. If I milk my job dry,
I'll be doing all of it. That
the day will go faster is only part of what I shall be earning.
I'll be building the business
insofar as my limits go."

"Will there be any limits?" you fancy you hear Him interrupting,
which He can do now
because you seem to know each other better. "You might even earn
that mythical job from the
man you call apple pol i sher. "

You were not sure you liked for Him to use slang expressions
likethat, but since men did
use them, why not Jesus? He participated in everything.

"If I talk with anyone," you went on, more to yourself than to
the others, who might not
go in for such moralizing, "I make sure I finish what we're
together for. I'll leave nothing
undone, nothing banging in the air. Same thing with my job. Then
the job will treat me

"You're turning into a preacher," someone said."First thing you
know. you'll be talking
about casting bread on the waters. "

"I'm afraid I was about to say something like that, anyway," you
heard yourself saying,
knew you were grinning as you said it. "That Fellow Jesus was
pretty smart. He'd have made a
good business man. Come to think of it, He was a good business
man. There are people in the
world of business today who think He was

10 The AB

so good, they keep trying to take Him into their business. I even
read of a fellow the other
day who opened a school, a school to teach salesmen to sell as
Jesus would have sold. Sounded
silly, but maybe it isn't."

You were again aware of time. The noon break was within a minute
of ending. You had to
move quickly to get back on the job. You wanted to get back. You
never had before. And you
had always felt that dawdling back to work, spending a. few
minutes enroute, was part of the
job. You had been thinking, of work, anyway, hadn't you? But, you
told yourself, you should
always have been doinff it. "I'll even start making up for lost
time," you told yourself.

"Smart fella," said your Associate over your shoulder. "Keep
thinking like that and I can
be off about other of my Father's business before this assignment
is done. "

The boss ran into you.

"What were you up to in the cafeteria?" he demanded of you."You
were so intent none of you
looked up when I came past. You trying to unionize the place?"

Anger started in you, but you broke it off, sharply.

"If we get going as we've started," you said, "nobody w ill even
think of joining any
union. We'll all be one.".,

"Explain, please,"said the boss.

"Not just yet," you said. "I can 't , until it comes more
clearly. And both of us," you
suggested pointedly, "have to get back to work."

*That was something to be telling the boss. The Associate

"I keep telling him, but he hears you better. Thanks for
interpreting, even if he doesn't
figure out what you mean."

you got back to work, shutting out everything, everybody, but
your Associate. He
participated so closely, you and He worked as one.

(Continued in the next issue)



FROM PAGE 8) same group as long as their progress is equal, but
they do not always recognize one another in every life. Family
relationship is not permanent;
it exists only for the duration of the life in which it occurs.
The only permanent
relationship is that of soul-mates.

To reach perfect development, each soul must acquire all the
qualities of both sexes, and
this is accomplished thru alternating sex in incarnations.

All advanced souls have soul-names which indicate their
development and which change as
they advance further. Souls that have not earned names are
individualized by numbers. Since
all progress is made in earth life, it behooves us to take care
of our bodies so that we live
long lives for advancement.

The one called jesus Dointed the path to us with His one command:
"Do unto others as you
would be done by". And he said, "Thou shalt not depart thence
until thou hast paid the very
last mite."