Volume 6, Issue 9, page 12

glorification of another being , with a relative debasement and belittlement of ourselves.
Where self-inflicted or taught-in inferiority
is traumatically impressed, expectation of
help or gifts from another more able and superior becomes a natural channel for aberrated
emotional force. To break up false valuations -
that tie in banks of energy needed for awareness and clear perception , we review with correction false acceptances of the past. This
brings us up to present time and shatters the
mirror that has been blinding us with reflected light.

Also, we must realize the pattern in which
we have been set -- that of getting something
for nothing -- parental care that gives and protects, Christmas presents, good-luck philosophy, and the many, many influences that place
emphasis upon chance and favor instead of true
earning and worth. This frame must be smashed
with a true and absolute realization of what
we are and what we must do without any help ,
for in the Divine scientific functioning of
energy, no help is needed or can be given.

Contrary to inability, we have the power
for all things within ourselves. Contrary to
needing a God or Having a God outside to lean
upon and trust for aid, we have a God of all
power and intelligence of our very own within
our own realm of Self. Due to the limiting of
our vision and the acceptance of ourselves as
powerless, only a fractional part of our true
ability ever came into expression. From this
cave of darkness it is impossible to know ourselves or what is WITHIN.

Eternal Life and Perfection must come out
from within. Accepted limitations, outside God
recognitions, over-valued personality concepts, are barriers to expression coming out
from heaven into earth. Self-valuation must be
e x a l t e d to the extreme , other-valuations
almost totally disregarded. Emotional disturbance an d unaligned energy is indicated by
concern or value placed upon what people think
of you. It is not what people think of you,
but what you think of yourself. You must think
correctly with the concern directed at yourself for the thought energies of others effect
them only and are their personal responsibilities.

So we have come to the ALONE ABSOLUTE! History is of the past; what you did in it of
value you have now. The tools possessed now
are the only ones usable now and there is no
other time than now. If some entity in the
past had overcome death, that party would be
here now as proof of the accomplishment. As no
such "come-on" bait exists for us to do likewise, we must work out our own salvation without such. No help, no gifts, no acclaim -- just
you, me, we, ALONE!
house with him? Particularly so when that
Someone is (as is conceded by all) the essence
of power and intelligence.

Our Scribes delight in magnifying and lending credence to expressions used by Scribes of
old. One of these is that man is the microcosmic replica of God the Macrocosm; also the
overworked expression , "As above so below". It
is such powerfully entrenched acceptances which
foreclose the possibility of even knowing the
path to reach God .

The secret teachings of the metaphysical

12 The AB
schools, including the writings of Madam Blavatsky , Elbert Benjamine, Max Heindel, Mary
Baker Eddy (to name a few) are non-existent in
Heaven and non-factual on Earth. By their own
present-time admission , they (the above-named)
have learned that most of their teachings left
on Earth are not true . Even Pius XII had to
admit, reluctantly, "I taught as true what I
was taught. I never had a direct revelation
that my teachings were true ." This admission
came from him shortly after his demise. He was
on the Second Plane_
Admission of wrong teachings left on Earth
does not undo the harm already effected . They
have received their reward on Earth and enjoyed it. Poor misled public, with the exception of a rare few, are complacent; they do not
want their pet beliefs debunked. To be sure it
is not only the misled who do not want their
pet beliefs disturbed; the misleaders, the
Scribes , who are the first offenders , dare not
open themselves to any presentation of truth
which contradicts or nullifies their profitable teachings and writings. Try to picture a
Blavatsky, a Mary Baker Eddy, a Pius XII accepting a revelation which would cause them to
say to their followers: "Set aside the Secret
Doctrine, the Key to the Scripture, the Sacraments, the Bible and Church Doctrine; they are
now as invalid as the teaching that the Earth
is flat." They would sooner crucify a dozen
Christs than admit their teachings are wrong.
It has been said that a good Catholic would
remain a good Catholic long after he had ceased
being a good Christian; that a good Jew would
not permit his religion to be disturbed even
if he does not practice it. The thinking capacity of all who have had orthodox upbringing
is impaired to a point where free-thinking is
almost impossible. The Scribes, the henchmen
of the hierarchy, have done their deadly work
well .

I am not interested in denouncing personalities . I do, however , condemn and challenge
their teachings. The maze of words that abounds
may be good "mental gymnastics", but if it
does not bring God within focus, neither for
them nor their followers, wherein lies merit?
is SOME THING in the death phase, and as already mentioned, many men were slaughtered in
the conquest of the flat earth lie, so again
may a heavy price be exacted in the near future resolving into a conflict between the
newly "God-free" but politically captive eastern races marauding under the cruel and despotic emblem of the "hammer and sickle", and
the still religiously enfettered "Godly" peoples of the Nest.

Then again we see a strange and confusing
paradox in the action of force and counterforce, for sooner or later the present hordes
marching under the banners of contesting Gads
may yet be compelled to join forces in common
cause to screen and preserve their dark dominion against the first penetration of universal

If there must be a conflict in the gaming
affairs of Man, and assuredly there must, then
let it be dramatized on the happy and lightsome sporting fields of an Olympia rather than
in the sombre darkness of a blood-drenched Armageddon , in the conquest of the "Something in
death lie", so tenaciously held, even to the
extent of resurrecting Lodge's Ether theory.
(To be concluded next issues