Volume 6, Issue 6, page 11

reading so that it was almost as if she did
several readings. One father asked which of
his twin daughters had haemophilia. Zoe said
there had to be a more extended reading later,
but didn't say whether either had "bleeder's
disease". She gave answers to business questions, too, which surprised me somewhat -- and
pleased those who asked.

What has this to do with the "red hands"?
Simply this: This particular session, "closed"
before a special group in Carnegie Hall, was a
kind of extension of July, 1958 , work in the
desert, wherein Zoe repeatedly assigned tasks
to "the hands". After I discovered she meant
sy hands, and applied then exactly as she said
to do -- and she was always specific -- the results were invariably what she said they would
be. Also, she definitely proved that the "red
hands" worked. Maybe I shouldn't seen to be
blowing my own horn this way, or Zoe's either,
but when the foundation is an incorporated
fact -- soon, now -- great things should come from
Zoe's sources, and the hands are useful.

Maybe we'll even "research" our friend Phil
Friedman's Exultation of Flowers. Incidentally,
a bottle of E/ F was sent me months ago in the
desert and I never made use of it. Some seer I
am, if Phil's researches prove out, for I didn't even try E/F myself! I'm trying it now,
and it may be imagination -- since there's nothing wrong with me that the return of youth
won't heal -- but there seems to be something...

But I'll wait until Zoe reads E/F from somadhi. She'd probably like nothing better than
research into many items -- the dangers of fallout, for instance.

Meanwhile, the desert awaits the return of
the"red hands" which, however, use the healing power of the desert whenever they are applied.
will give the whole universe of man the undeniable proof and the inescapable benefit of a
sickness and death annulling action.

Edison could invent, discover the law of
electricity, but he could go only so far; it
took the co-operation of others to bring this
law into all-inclusive benefit of the higher
expression. Edison could explain the law and
tell of its world-wide benefits if applied,
but unaided he could not bring about the fulfillment of the benefits, even to himself, not
.mentioning others.

Likewise, Joshua of Nazareth was powerless
to do the greater things, for the greater
things depended upon the aid, the co-operation,
the "brotherhood of man". The teacher told of
a perfect and heavenly expression of life, but
he alone could not express that state or protect himself from the malicious envy of his
fellowman. Phantasy word-pictures to feed gullible belief, of a success, is for the birds;
the obvious fact is, THIS MAN FAILED.

The unaccomplished task still confronts us.
We who have developed a strength thru adversities and failures, we who have birthed the super quality of fearless desire and persistence,
must work together in fully accepting the
newly-revealed Christ Law. The Divine facts,
carefully studied and absorbed, act as a treatment, a conditioning, a redeeming process advancing into the new system.
(To be continued in the next issue)

The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be
satisfied with your opinions and content with
your knowledge. -- Elbert Hubbard.