Volume 6, Issue 9, page 10

any planet is to enable life forms to be in There is no difference in application of
action upon it. The fountain source of all the "God Game" thruout the varying colors in
lies was achieved with Man's delegation to the tribal Man. It depends entirely for its confantasy of "God" his own unlimited ability. If tinuity thruout the races, upon believing
there were no life forms in existence, who fear, irrespective of variants in the legend.
could conceive any useful purpose or Justin- Like K i p 1 ing's "Colonel's Lady and Judy
cation for the existence of even one planet? It O'Grady", both Jehovah and Allah are "Sisters
is not true that God makes man, but it is true under their skins". The counterforcing essenthat Man makes God, which action has never tials in the form of Satan, the brimstone
been other than an illusion in fantastic be- specialist and the mystic evil spirits in
lief. Neither "The only true and living God" their variety of color, can equally be grouped
nor yet the False God", nor tensor calculus, in a similar sisterhood. Without their existnor matrix theory, can ever prove other than ence "seeking whom they may devour", there
that no fundamental statement can ever be could be no existence for even one God. It
taken to proof. The absolute is unobtainable. might well be stated in truth that Man "Cannot
`What is truth?"asked Pilate, and "he turneth live by God alone".
away". He might equally well have asked,"Why Over the grim and dark horizon surrounding
are we here? The answer would be the same -- the affairs of Man in present time, the dawn
the single reply with a double-edged meaning -- of a shining new hope begins to cast its light
"We do not know" with a promise of guidance in the great exodus
But for the unobtainability of the absolute from the age-long bondage in belief. The tools
there could be no existence in the "game" for are with us now whereby all men may regain
"The only true and living God" nor the "False their so long lost ability to know. They can
God" in any of the existing fields of knowl- know when they are believing, and that rightly
edge. The "True God" depends for his validity or wrongly. They can know that nothingness is
upon the numerical mass of His following and not functionally dependent upon the existence
the workability of His data. The "False God" of a datum to know, nor yet is a datum existclamors for recognition of his pseudo-scien- ing to not know an essential basis for the
tific data, well infused with apparent authen- creation of the unknown.
tic terms and inferred ever-increasing number Man does not yet know that he is not a body
of converts, especially in "high places". All nor that he does not have any kind of body in
belief and theory belong only in its age per- the death phase of life action. He does not
iod of the action spiral. The lie of today be- "go"
comes the truth of tomorrow, and conversely, anywhere when he dies, since there himthe truth of today becomes the lie of tomor- nothing to TH transported ATywhere. He, rrow, and hence the apparent paradox in force no space is NOexi ten eHING AT phase. requires
and counterforce giving rise to ever-recurring there h sears for existence in here phase. In death
confusion . Religious adherence in the U.S.A. ALL ACTION No a , cu theof life re is ~ftrceial has reached a "glorious new high", and simul- `t' . Inith n tce laic d i on p cal; a living
crime has achieved a "disgraceful" man tislio i
t it a cyclic reciprocal;
anrodea a lving
porecord of even greater altitude. Crime costs ma is potentially alve. "There dere, red h seed oat es ead
the United States $20,000 000,000 annually and yet whi le t eye. are those who life and
education about one-third as much. We are apt yet they live." Not even in tcl li i
death ph phases o the life action cycle is the
to get all sorts of stupid confusion when absolute obtainable, since all action is lim" games " are founded on the treacherous quick- ited in direction, thus giving eternal continsands of belief. It is interesting to note uity. No man can ever be more than approxithat for some days following Fidel Castro's mately nine-tenths alive, nor yet more than
"emancipation" of Cuba, police control was approximately nine-tenths dead (see"FORCE" in
non-existent, and strangely enough, so was September, 1958, ABERREE1 and it is within
crime. It might well be true that criminal this one-tenth where perception of the phase
force can only exist in the presence of polic- state is obtainable or not, i.e. the tenth of
ing counterforce, despite all the belief in death phase cannot be "seen" during action in
appearances to the contrary. a physical body at nine-tenths life action inWe will not be too alarmed if we find our- tensity, nor yet can the physical universe be
selves playing the "villainous" role of the " seen', during the static phase in death at
atheist in the Life Game when all our communi- nine-tenths of no action. A true static cannot
cation can only be scorned as naught but "bias- be known anywhere in the physical or life
phemy , nor will be too elated with "grace" action, it can only be accepted in belief.
which may be either sanctimonious or devout. It Theta is the only true static in existence and
is comforting to recall that John Bunyan spent is in such state in the death phase.
12 years in prison on his road to fame and All that can be said about Man in the death
adulation centuries later, and Dr. Karl Fuchs phase, using our existing vocabulary which
may well be serving the necessary apprentice- has been fashioned entirely for use in the
ship on his way to being a sculptured "Savior" physical universe of created somethings, is
of the world sometime in the brave new future. that he is "a kind of energy". There is nothI cannot recall any record wherein the great- ing more than that to be said about nothing,
est of all "Saviors", Jesus of Nazareth, made for there is nothing there in any physical
any statement on what he believed, in spite of sense to say anything about. Location and achis oft-repeated instruction that his follow- tion in a physical body, operating with limited
ers should so do. Perhaps he knew, ability in the physical universe, starts in
All that is fundamentally happening in this the moment of time when Theta, or Man, or Life
time period relative to Man is the existence of Force, again agrees TO BE. Theta has no dime-n
a planet and be is in action upon it. Exactly sinn, but i s a vieupoint of dimension . In
that, and no more nor less than that, was all approximately 60 to 100 years of action, operthat was happening 10,000 years ago. Any sting a physical body in any one of the multistatement beyond that at once opens the gates tude of "Life Games ", he will again agree TO
to the great "game" arena with all its observ- BE NOT. So the cycle goes on "From everlasting
able and vastly complex action called "The to everlasting". It is a lie to state that Man
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