Volume 6, Issue 9, page 17

are a sly cuss!' How cynical
can you get?
"Dr. Coulter says that the
covert use of hypnosis while
officially and loudly denouncing it is a questionable practice. Dr.Coulter is too polite .
It's ruthlessly viscious. But
the evil is solely in the MISUSE of the tremendous psychical
imaging cower of the mind, so
sadly mislabeled by this word
'hypnosis'. Hypnosis may be as
white as the Alps or as black
as Hades. In order to observe
her reactions, I once took a
woman who had never even heard
of Scientology to a meeting
where some lesser-light leaders
were announcing and presenting
their 'clears'. When we left,
my companion said she felt
'soiled -- SOOTY'.
"A final item -- One time I
out on an electropsychometric
demonstration with our optical
equipment before a class of
divinity students training to
become m i n i s tens, preachers.
They all officially looked down
their noses upon sex -- but the
electropsychometer disclosed in
nothing flat that most of them
were flagrant masturbators --
loaded with sex tensions...Much
more pleasant than the anti-sex
rantings of such frustrated
characters is the letter you
have published from Thelma
Johnston. It's sensible -- but
some nice rationalizations are
showing." -- Volney Mathison, Los
Angeles, Calif.
"A man who was pronounced
dead claims he did time in the
non-atomic universe.
"Judging by his account.
what one believes or tries to
believe has no more to do with
the after-death state than it
did have to being born. It seems
the old thing does what it does
and that's that.
"Reports f rom others who
have been called dead for various periods of time indicate
they were in a non-atomic universe but did not recognize it
as such.
"Evidently Heaven is pure
mind in a non-material matterenergy-space-time form, or natural hypnotic universe -- same
stuff as the bees one sees under hypnosis. The eternal 'I'
merely discards material consciousness and takes on non-material matter-energy-space-time
"Well, the Bible says we
shall not die, just be changed.
"This writer was out for six
hours on the operating table,
and there was no time element,
dream state, or blackout -- only
nonexistence exactly the same
as before birth . What about the
millions of others (surgery
cases) who have nothing to report? What state is that? Just
normal or not quite dead enough?
Suspended animation?...
"Stand true to your conviction, Thelma Johnston. At least
one man champions your cause:
the 0. T. yoga principle." -- A.
B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.
"Considering the yeas and
nays and the pros and cons of
this and that, I sort of like
old Charles Fort. 'It steam
engines come steam engine
time'. Come getting sick time,
people get sick, come getting
well time, people get well. And
aside from forcing mutations
on certain germs, the drugs
that force these mutations are
steam engine time for them --
the AMA and all the other assorted practitioners of this
and th at ain't doing much
about the situation . I sort of
like to think that the tail
wags when the dog is ready.
And we, Alphia, are the tail ,
not the dog -- tho it is quite
probable that to some order of
critters, we look a lot like
the dog .
"If this seems to go in a
circle, well , so be it. Seen
rightly, it is not a vicious
circle, but is filled with
wonder, awe, beauty, harmony ,
love -- and such .
"There are three processes
that seem visible in this universe. There is concentration,
there is holding that concentration to its appointed time,
and there is letting go of
that concentration at steam
engine time . Many of us weep ,
wail, gnash our teeth , and go
with Job to the wailing wall
when we are required to let go
of our previous concentrations,
which we build with so much
pride, joy, and wonder, but
what we can't seem to see -- nor
is such seeing appropriate at
our level -- is that we must
break up these old concentrations, that we must let go of
them, in order to build new
concentrations with new joy,
wonder, awe, harmony, love and
such, which in their turn must
give way to still other concentrations. And what we can't
see is that most if not all of
our illnesses, even the ones
that fly away with us, and
particularly our psychosomatic
complaints, are actually blessings in disguise in that they
represent the necessity for
breaking up old concentrations,
old hates, old fears, old
loves, old ways of thinking,
old ways of acting, old ways
of organizing this universe - -
so that new growth may take
place. I very much doubt if
any disease ever hurt a human
being except it was steam engine time for him.
"So go with Dianetics, go
with Scientology, go with Johrie, go with Subud, go with
Growth Culture, go with Christian Science , go with the AMA ,
go with the beatniks, go with
the nice people, go with Art
Burks and his Red Hands, go
with Roy Davis, go with health
food nuts -- but try not to get
stuck so tight and fast with
any of these that you can't
let go of them when it comes
'steam engine time'. For just
as sure as God made little
green apples, He also made
both the dog and the tail -- the
one to get ready and the other
to wag.
"Thus speaketh the old buck
beatnik , who has never quite
forgotten , no matter how much
he hurt, that his aches and
pains were somehow the birth
pangs of new joy, wonder, love,
and such, and who was always
willing to be the tail of the
Dog -- that he might wag come
tail-wagging time.
"Herewith $2 for The ABERREE. Wag, tail!" -- Robert Moore
Williams, Bell, Calif.
"Noted the item on L. Ron
Hubbard and his experiments
with colored lights. This,
whether you know it or not , is
actually predicted in the Tibetan's books, which were written years ago in the 20's and
30's, because much is to be
learned thru the use of colored lights. I found this item
fascinating, and I think you
used excellent judgment in
elaborating on the theme.
Whether it is L. Ron who does
the experimenting or not, someone has to start it, and he
may be one of our pioneers,
bless him. He isnot all wet,
but we all do let our personalities get in the way from
time to time, even those who
carry a message...
"When you first met me in
1955, or thereabouts, I was
searching f o r something. .. I
didn't know what it was, but.I
think I have found it in the
Tibetan's teachings, most of
which have been penned by Alice Bailey...
"I could have written you
tomes spouting off about my
convictions, b u t somehow I
felt they were my own personal
treasures. The search, while
fundamentally ended, is a long
way from completion, for there
is no end to knowledge and
wisdom, and it is not all
found in one set of teachings.
To me all facets of the esoteric, and the entire world
for that matter, are a part of
one vast whole -- no matter how