Volume 6, Issue 9, page 3

Man's Development Thru Three Eras Has Carried Him Farther and Farther
from Glorification of the Divine Expression Within Himself
"Selling God" Is Evasion of Truth Within
AN HAS developed thru three eras --
Lemurian , pre-pre-historic ; Atlantean, pre-historic, and Roman,
historic. The first two eras had
their own chemistry, astrological-astronomical cyclic movements, specifically different
atmospheric conditions. In humanity's workout of developing greats er life expressive ability, certain peaks we re reached where the body
condition then possessed had been conditioned to its full capacity, and the
life power became strong enough to polarize and activate a more elemental content.
Consequently, the body had to be changed
to one having added qualities to be refined. (The two changes from Lemurian to
Atlantean and Atlantean to Roman were
planetarily cataclysmic, as the history
of the planet verifies conclusively.)
As the body could not be loaded with the
great resistance represented by all the elemental qualities that, redeemed or transformed, express the full life flow, steps or
eras of progress were necessary. So we had the
Lemurian body -- very light and clear, with little resistance. Many abilities were then expressed, such as materialization of food, body
traveling by projecting the center of recognition where the entity wished to be, clear
thought transference needing practically no
verbal speech and no written language, etc.

When the Lemurian Era was followed by the
Atlantean, this body had more qualities to
feed , with less control of substance and the
elements. The soil had to be tilled and vehicles made to transport the bodies that were
more dense This physical state had an air or
psychic nature with the air element employed
extensively in the use of machines. Energy in
the air Was the force and power, with air the
medium. Overhead railways, air vehicles such
as the flying saucers, using electricity applied according to the induction principle,
was the mechanical expression, and fire could
easily be made a constant functioning without
fuel (so-called eternal flames). (The environmental actions employed in ways of government,
the running of machines and instruments, indicated the inner state of the mental physical
organism . The greater expression outside the
body, the greater the environment that man
leaned upon, the greater an d more extensive
the inventions to move man and make him interested in a life attached to energies functioning on him and for him from the outside, the
less liberty and control of life force he had
INSIDE hiaselfl)
The Atlantean body attained its peak, the
outer sun became hot and destructive, the inner
life polarized with the elements to force a
change. (The inner life power, the inner sun.
became too strong for the medium thru which it
expressed, like a copper wire too small for
the current passing thru it, so the outer sun
became too hot for the physical organism,
killing the people to one state and forcing
them to be born into new bodies of another
state.) The earth again underwent a cataclysmic upheaval in birthing a new physical temple
and relative planetary environment -- the Roman.
The comparative expressive house of the past
was gone and monuments (the Great Pyramid)
built to excite a memory of it were meaningless to the same entities in a different
fleshly abode.

The earth now became the element employed
and the wheel , that tied man to the earth,
came into being. So man went forward tied more
closely to his body and far less able to manipulate it in useless travel. So in Rome, man
went down into the earth, to change it into a
container of life and light.

In the body and thru it, at about the beginning of the Roman Era, Divine Life Flow was
expressed to a minor degree, bringing forth
the Truth that Man was to fulfill when the redeeming of the earth was accomplished. As the
bodies channeling this truth (in an intensified reflective manner) were by no means advanced, the result of this expression OUf to
others caused highly re-reflective action upon
the projectors, which was very harsh, for the
resistance within was strong and unyielding.

The hearers of these words of Truth (that
were not represented by advanced Life Quality
development' accepted the Divine knowledge in
a perverted manner because of their own lack
of True expression, and a mighty frictional
belief distortion was energized in the minds
of men, causing him trials and troubles of relentless turbulation and disturbance. ('Be
still and know that I AM God." This may be
just a part of a true perception. By being
still, and dwelling upon that which one knows
of a Divine nature, energizes the manifestation within unto a truly functional and authoritative expression. A going out and talking to others as a leader and teacher (and the
impulse is very strong when only the air action
that produces the word declaration is in force
-- stops the further increase of life volume,
and contacts the discorr4dt~ and resistances of
those being taught. Thidirect contact with
the outside environment depolarizes the body
action from inside radiation expression to a
becoming subject to an outside reflective functioning, where if enough resistance is energized in the environment, this can be received
by the teacher who, being vulnerable by not
advancing in life power properly, may, thus
draw to himself or herself severe experience
or tragic distress.)
As existence with a low life force in expression and its relative unknowing state was
most unpleasant and disappointing, death to
the body seemed an avenue of escape, and to