Volume 6, Issue 9, page 2

i7e JANUARY-FLBRUARY, 1960 * Vol. VI, No. 9
CAN THERE BE B i l l y w a s
A PATH TO AN only three and
INFINITE GOD? like most children of his age ,
enjoyed playing in mud. He
went thru the mud-over-himself
stage, graduated to mud pies,
and finally discovered that by
being careful, he could build
a house of mud. Of course, it
had no roof, nor windows -- and
the walls were pretty rough
and bulgy in spots, but to
Billy's imaginative mind, it
was just as good as the house
he lived in. And a lot more

Johnny, who lived across
the street, saw Billy's mud
house, and he wanted one too.
But Johnny's mother had paddled her "don't play in the
mud" lessons in w el l , and
Johnny could only sit back and
watch Billy's creation with
envy. But not for long. He
discovered -- maybe from a picture he'd seen of old log
houses and forts, that he could
build his house out of sticks
-- just as high as Billy's, and
just as strong -- and besides,
he could take more sticks and
put a roof on it.
"I got a better house than
you got!" he yelled at Billy.
"I got a roof on mine. "
"Yeah," Billy snarled back.
"But what's a roof? I'll bet
all your people inside will
get wet if it rains."
"But it ain't gonna rain on
my house ," Johnny retorted. "I
got it all fixed with Go,d. He
ain't a gonna let my people
get wet 'cause this is my yard
and if I say it ain't gonna
rain on my house, it ain't
gonna rain."
"Phooey!" said Billy. "If I
make it rain on my house, it'll
rain on yours, 'cause you ain't
that far away."
"If you do, your old mud'll
crumble faster than my sticks
will," Johnny warned.

Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
And so they played their
childish games. And it did
rain . And when they came out
to play again, Billy's house
was a puddle of dried mud
Spread over the ground, and
Johnny had a pile of sticks.

If they still were interested in "houses" after this
set-back, chances are Johnny
would have reassembled his
sticks and Billy would have
dampened his clay and started
putting it together. Neither
would think of getting together and mixing sticks with mud,
building one bigger, stronger
house that could be baked in
the sun -- which might withstand
the next onslaught of wind and

But what has all this to do
with you? and me? Well, people
are like children -- and tho
they think their "games" more
mature, they, too, build their
houses out of what materials
are available. Having built,
their "creations" take on an
aura of sanctity, and woe to
the "Johnny" or "Billy" across
the street who works with different material, and gets a
different result.

We were reminded of the
above childish drama when A, a
very near friend of ours, wrote
us a letter condemning the
metaphysical practices of B,
another friend of ours . Oddly ,
we also heard from B in almost
the same mail, rejecting wholly
the tenets of A. Yet, both of
these friends are, apparently,
working toward the same goals,
trying to build the same kind
of "house".

To end the analogy, both of
these friends admit they have
had failures in the past. Some
of the persons whom they tried
to help didn't get over their
illness or emotional upheavals
as they should. But did either
look to see what w a s wrong
with their "system" ? Would A
present his facts to B to
see if the two, working together, might not find the flaw in
both of their philosophies?
We could name a dozen -- yea,
a dozen dozen -- metaphysical
leaders and followers in our
acquaintance who either "have"
or " follow" the "only system"
and either reject or give mere
lip service (Such as : "They're
wrong, but if they have enough
faith ... " ) to all other systems. If they spent half their
sneering time trying to learn
how the findings of other sincere workers might be used to
correct or improve -- or even
replace -- their own ''houses" ,
nine-tenths, or more, of the
warring cults would disappear.
You can't say religion (of all
creeds), Scientology, hypnotism, E-Therapy, Spiritualism,
Synergetics, Concept Therapy
(what an endless list this
could be ! 1, are bad, nor can
you say they're all right for
some, and not for others. The
point where they fall down is
where they have isolated themselves from other beliefs --
gathering around them and incubating a flock of minds too
narrow to ever accept a concept of infinity. You cannot
say from one side of the mouth
that "God is Infinite" and declare from the other side of
the mouth that God can be
reached ONLY Mira..."
Infinity isn't a road -- no
matter what kind of bricks we
try to pave it with. Infinity
IS -- just as God IS.

And the "house' , built of
mud or sticks alone -- or warped ideas and background -- will
return to its basic ingredients -- when the rains come.

AMA'S MALTS in its official
voice, The JOURNAL, scouts charges that cigarets cause lung cancer. Which
was to be expected. Just suppose the same thing happened
to cigarets as happened to
cranberries? And what if AIL
cancer-producing ingredients
were banned? What would the
medicos do for rich patients?
and how would Uncle Sam luxuriate so luxuriously without
cigaret taxes? And while we're
supposing, what if the Health
Department banned H-bomb tests
(since these also produce cancer, among other things)? It'd
be interesting to see who'd win
a war between three such governmental agencies: the Health
group vs. the Tax Bureau and
the Military, now champing at
the enforced lull in their contamination of the atmosphere.

Come to think of it, what's
wrong with getting rid of our
biggest national "cancer" itself -- the Pentagon?
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