Volume 6, Issue 9, page 4

make this evasive escapism acceptable, belief The
in an after death progress became a soothing
pacifier for the sick consciousness.

To understand why teachers of the past were
less advanced, or green souls compared to some
particular entities that neither taught nor ~3i1P1~ 1k
were outside themselves in consciousness listening to the teachings of emotionally driven
teachers, one must know why this aberrated im- Blame
pellation occurs to teach others instead of a
desire for greater stability in Self. We who
have been teachers know of our own former desperation and desire for help, and also know By
that we looked outside for that help in others (I) BIBLIOLATRY
instead of in ourselves. This seems to be a IBLIOLATRY is blind, superstitious worship
natural urge when the inner power is increased of the Bible, based not on a knowledge
only to the point of making one slightly more thereof, but on the fraudulent claim of
aware of the helpless state he is in, with a the Church that every word in the book is
concomitant of visualizing a grandiose succor a direct revelation of its God.
from the outside, standing in special favor of Most of those who exalt the Bible above
a Supreme Being for services rendered. Pre- all other books have not studied it -- usually
senting the fact more bluntly, getting people haven't even read more than a chapter here and
to be interested in God is an evasion of being a passage there. No other book is more revertruly interested in God IN Self -- a going out- enced, and less known, than this so-called
side in activity and recognition instead of 'Book of Holy Writ".
going inside! Ignorance of the Bible is indispensable to
Regardless of the wisdom of words, wrong faith in the Bible. Also, it is this ignorant
action makes this wisdom worthless. A person veneration that makes it dangerous for anyone
is a container of Divine Light, but this Di- to reveal the facts behind the Bible's comvine Light must be increased by a radiating pilation.
'power that by polarity activates others. A Once upon a time, when the Church possessed
barrier must be passed where the inclination greater power, anyone who studied the Bible or
is very strong to become an oracle -- away from questioned its "holy authenticity" was either
SJLY -- a drum major, as it were, finely arrayed hacked to pieces or burned to death. Even
in the live-colored plumage of knowledge. now, challengers are persecuted as much as
pleading a great parade of all humanity to public opinion and the law will allow.
glorious liberation. In 1926 M. M. Mangasarian (file Neglected
The passing or movement should be to the Book, 4. 14): 'It is a matter of history that
outer part of the entity, or to the respective in the name of this Jewish-Christian volume,
Life Qualities of Earth in the body, and not which people do not read and are but superficinterest projected to another's body, person- ially acquainted with, nearly a hundred milality, or self. An envisioned or expected Sav- lion lives in Europe alone have been deiour outside one's self is an illusion, and stroyed."
trying to be a Saviour to another, by person- Before the 19th Century, if one attempted
'ally saying words and giving advice, is il- to investigate the background of the Bible and
lusion. Natural communication between two state his findings, his life was in danger.
workers is one thing, going out and seeking With the beginning of the 19th Century, the
!listeners is another. Anyone being recognized vast power which the Church had ruthlessly
as "a great leader" is making a God of himself wielded for a thousand years declined to where
to be recognized, and this is a misdirection it was safer for one to question the contents
hof the recognition, the attention, the inter- of the Bible. The result has been that an enorest, that should go to the Real Ego of Self. mous amount of amazing light has been thrown
or the True God possessed by everyone. on the Bible by unprejudiced researchers.

It is indicated in Conybear's "Origins of Until the 19th Century, the hieroglyphics
Christianity" that an unassuming type first of Egypt and the cuneiform inscriptions of
taught his concept of ancient wisdom, but writ- Babylonia and Assyria were undecipherable and
ers kept adding embellishment after embell- not understood, and the Bible was our sole
ishment until a mild rabbit was transformed authority for the history of man prior to the
into a roaring lion. In fact, the gook of John rise of Greek civilization. However, with the
is so far-fetched and exaggerated compared to discoveries by archaeologists of the k e y to
the first writings that an attempt to analyze the hieroglyphics and cuneiform inscriptions
it was considered wasted effort. was revealed the surprising existence of highThis Armenian, Joshua of Nazareth, was by ly-developed civilizations long before the time
no means the only one challenging the inter- previously assigned, on the authority of the
pretation of ancient scripture. Judeaus Philo , biblical genealogies, to the creation of man.
a contemporary, also made a strong stand for Also, the Egyptian and Assyrian monuments
the allegorical meaning, and there were others. enabled the history of the ancient civilizaYet the historical stamp was supreme and these tions, during the period to which the Bible
protestors went thru the mill of the scribe's relates, to be reconstructed with a great derewrite and came out historical characters Bree of accuracy. While there are points of
themselves -- along with Adam, Noah, Moses, Da- agreement between the biblical record and the
vid, etc., whom they had claimed were allegor- ancient monuments, there are many important
ical. Joshua (Jesus'. got the big build-up points where the messages cut in stone not
probably because of locale. Ewperor Lonstan- only fail to confirm the biblical records, but
tine needed a new God and Philo of Alexandria flatly contradict them.
was no doubt too far away. So, the Bible as "The Word of God" , shows
Most all of us, to some extent at least, God got mixed up in His work, relating what He
have been indoctrinated with a visualized did not do ; and erroneously describing what He
(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 12) did do. (Continued in the next issue.)