Volume 6, Issue 9, page 15

to build religions and organizations around these individuals much was lost. The restrictions and laws and regulations of the organizations
tended to dim the brightness
of these teachers' utterances.
"This is one reason why I
have so much respect for Krishnamurti. He dissolved the organization they had createa
for him to speak thru. This is
also one of the reasons why I
think Subud is so good. It may
not spread or go far because
of this lack of organization,
but that is better than being
smothered and lost under the
weight or 'organization'. This
is the weakness of Johrei. Under organization it has become
a fixed thing of fixed beliefs
and ideologies. I hope this
doesn't destroy the good that
can come out of this kind of
teaching. But if the past has
any truth in it, I'm afraid
this could come about.,' -- Russ
Haggard, Los