Volume 6, Issue 9, page 7

By IDELLA STONE, I-45, H.R.A., D.Scn.

S ONE who has been using the tech- supposed to run on extremely suggestible preniques of Scientology for six clears those that are heaviest. The pre-clear
years now , I must protest strong- is "cleared" first of much of the suggestibilly Art Coulter's article in The ty before the heavily repetitive processes
December ABERREE claiming that arei run .

Scientology is hypnotism. He alleges that Scientologists claim minds are basically always using three motions:
we attach ourselves (to objects, incidents,
its use will make you well, etc . people, places, times), we hang on, we let go.

I quote from one of Dr. Coulter's We repeat these basic motions over and over and
own books: "It (the book) is also over. Finally, we fall into either a compulwritten for the troubled in spirit, for siveness of duplication, or a compulsive inhipeople who have not yet found themselves, bition of duplication ("I'll never do that
. for the sensitive, for the lonely, for again !" ) -- and a state of non-freedom . The rethe anguished. To these, it offers hope, etitionstcompul y- sis inh out compulsive repand a method for self-discovery." In o his poorly-informed
Scientology t orme blnditionsast.

Using his own rguments, we may claim that seems In to think n that blast, s. Coulter
ois composed
these sentences are hypnotic, and Eynergetics solely of repetitive techniques. There are
works because of the hypnotism However, we thousands of techniques available to the
are not so foolish as to claim that every en- trained Scientologist. For example, in the
thusiastic indorsement of a method made either middle of page 2 of this article, I was interby its founder or by one who has been helped, rupted by a pre-clear, who had a two-hour sesor by its practitioners, is "hypnotic". It is sion. It developed that being controlled by
true that such enthusiasms may be, and some- Mama was a large part of her problem , so I retimes are, hypnotic -- just as the claim that quested her to "double terminal" Mama. This is
such-and-such a tooth powder will make you an old technique seldom recalled any more, but
have stronger, better, and more dazzling white immensely valuable.
teeth may make you buy that brand when next Discovering that Mama "would not remain in
you select a tooth powder. If you are that her corners", I changed to other techniques
suggestible, every panacea extolled by anyone designed to give the pre-clear control over the
will be a cure-all for you -- until you either idea of Mama -- for fastest results, choosing to
are disappointed, hypnotized by someone with a have her "mock up (image) large quantities of
stronger claim, or perhaps are relieved of the mamas, then " throw away" the mock-up. This was
necessity of being so suggestible. done in each of six directions. And Mama beIt is difficult to communicate at all with- came much more tractable so that we could
out making some suggestions. For example, as double terminal her.
an auditor, I have long tried to find some way The sad truth that scientology sometimes
to request a pre-clear to go to an incident he gets people into a manic and leaves them there,
is apparently stuck in without asking for the which he remarks on, is deplorable. This is an
specific incident. I have not yet been able to almost unavoidable concomitant of processing.
find any way of saying, "Let's go to birth". Unless one is co-auditing, usually only one or
without mentioning birth. And this is a posi- two intensives at a time can be afforded. The
tive suggestion. conscientious auditor may give from five to
My own claim, both for Dianetics and Scien- ten hours of overtime getting a pre-clear out
tology, is that they are a form of de-hypnosis, of a manic (or other sub-optimum state into
and far more valuable to the pre-clear than which he has changed) before letting him go;
the overcoming of any aberration by the hyp- but often there are considerations (such as
notic installation of a contrary command -- time limits for the pre-clear) which prevent
which later may lead to far more conflict in even this -- and reluctantly, the pre-clear has
the unfreed mind. to be allowed to depart with his manic or some
Having as a pre-clear had hundreds of hours other engram in restimulation. The chief conof group processing in Scientology, as well as solation, of course , is that even tho he may
many hours of individual processing I think I be in a temporarily undesirable state, he is
may state quite categorically that I was never better off than when he arrived. He has changed
at any time in any state of hypnosis or trance many considerations: he has lost much misemo(with the exception of several code-break times tion , he is more in command of himself and his
-- but they were bad auditing 1. I have always life. If well audited, he usually will be able
been able toreject analytically any so-called to handle the restimulation himself during the
suggestion" which I felt was not right for me next few days.
or a part of my own case (with the exceptions However, I'm probably wasting my time trynoted) . Most of the processes of Scientology, ing to convince or. Coulter, who seems bitterit is true, are repeated ad nauseam; but the ly and engramicaily convinced that nothing
auditor is constantly coached to be on the emanating from El Ron is of the slightest
lookout for any slight signs on the pre-clear's value -- in fact, seems convinced it is BAD.
part that he is "going out of present time" All of us are in varying stages of physical ,
and if such signs manifest , he must at once mental, spiritual development. Therefore, we
"get him back" by having him do such "having- need a great variety of methods and schools
ness" processes as touching walls, etc. The for such development . Subud , Dianetics , Synertechniques have been graded so that one is not (THERE'S MORE OF THIS ON PAGE 6)