Volume 6, Issue 9, page 9

Condensed from his "Eternal Time'. All rights reserved.

Part II
HE PHYSICAL, universe, upon and within which Life Force is in action,
is created by that force, and it is
also uncreated by the same force,
and the cyclic action of creation
and uncreation occurs in a frequency so numerically high as to be
as yet undreamed of by the scientist. Each creative action in this
cycle gives change in position,
shape, or mass from its preceding product ;
and thus we have change. Therein lies
open the age-long mystery of Genesis -- of
God -- of Time and of Eternity ; and of such
data are the green fields whereon all
earthly life foims, including man, have
forever played and will forever continue
to play their games in the action of existence.

In the beginning of a life run, we have the
decision 10 BE, and there we pass from nothing
and become something at birth, where after we
have the gain of action. From this point, the
primary game of simply surviving as a lifeform
goes on apace. All secondary "games" are of
equal value and are acceptable or unacceptable
in ratio to their support or threat to the
primary game of survival. The theologist is as
valuable as the nuclear physicist, since both
are but merry gamesters. Newton, whose theory
of gravity can be accepted only with a fair
measure of levity, could find no better sporting companion than Saul of Tarsus , and Darwin
with his "evolution" could probably make prodigious scores against John the Baptist.

It is all a "game", and we are not surprised to read of an earlier and famous gamester who concluded that it was "all vanity and
vexation", and dispensed with the value of
"wisdom" in the question and answer "What happeneth to the wise man; the same as happeneth
to the fool", to which we would add a long and
knowing "Amen".

So long as we continue to concentrate our
whole attention on the Life Game itself, just
so long will we continue to retain in our
"blind spot" the fundamentals in creative action giving eternal existence to the field
upon which the Life Game is being forever
played. In this moment of time, all that is
required is a revision with alteration in the
basic rules. Nuclear fission is not as yet
suitable for introduction to the'game" , and
least of all that "game" which has long outlasted its usefulness, the "war game".

When our enthusiastic scientists report
that another galaxy has been located 100,000million light years away out there in outer
space , we are not so liable to reel in astonishment since we know there are still more
and more galaxies lying further out and yet
further out in unlimited outer space. Nor will
we be too astonished to learn that the pi-meson
exchange occupies a time period of ten billion-billionths of a second, nor that neutral
lambda and neutral K arrive in creation as
opposing pairs, which same principle does not
and cannot vary thruout created action, and so
gave rise to Solomon's "Seven Wonders". "The
way of a man with a maid" -- merely another
opposing pair! Here again is the only justification for our having two physical eyes; there
can be no accurate judgment in perspective
vision without a force and counterforce from
the right and left eye respectively -- no reality. The "strange" meson both arrives and decays in compliance with the single fundamental
law "The moment of creation is the moment of
destruction". Periodic durability in any creation depends entirely on mass variant, and
this law determines the transient moment of
being in any creation which IS and can be
"seen", in actuality in the solitary perception of the single life form , and in the more
solid reality of the many, and finally in the
matter solidity of total agreement termed the
physical universe. Thru these creative levels
in energy density can be found the chimera of
the recalled memory, the dream , the ghost with
all its related phenomena, the U.F.O., and the
vision of things which are to come.

Theta, or "That-which-looks", must postulate in creative action that which IS in spatial dimension TO BE "seen ", and "That-whichlooks" must again postulate in cyclic sequence
the action of uncreation, and thus complete a
cycle of action wherein we ha:e that which IS
and that which IS NOT. This cyclic sequence is
never ending and forever changing in time moment, in spatial position, and in mass density. Eternal Time and Eternal Change are synonymous. The knout and the unknown lie forever in the primary consideration and decision. The regenerative-degenerative cyclic impulse is the primeval and dominant motivation
of all action and existence. Whether we are
considering the mysterious origin of a meson
"out of nothing" or the voluptuous emotionalism ornamenting the biological urge, the fundamental impulse is the same. There is only
one "Absolute" in relativity supporting this
ageless and boundless universe with its similarly ageless and boundless life force, and
that is absolute continuity. The universe has
neither limit nor origin.

The theologist plods on with all his mulish
determination in creed and dogma, paralleling
the scientist in peering forever upward and
inward in his search for the "Kingdom of God" .
One day, these converging lines of believing
vision may meet in the staggering experience
of knowingness and the ending of yet another
lie, when they can both know that the fool who
said " in his heart" was indeed so very wise .

The only justification for the existence of