Volume 6, Issue 9, page 8

1 Rags Picked Up, IhALT
Can Some Stones Influence
Wearers for Good or Evil?

Exec. Sec., Florida Society for Psychical Research
HE DOCTRINE that seven rays, seven types of
force, dwell in certain precious and semiprecious stones is recognized and borne
out in the writings of Cornelius Agrippa.

ITo the student of parapsychology, these
stones are especially valuable as wave
meters, transmitting special psychic qualities.

We are now arriving at an important fact in
mineralogy, namely, that the characteristic
thing about some specific mineral is not the
geometrical faces we can see with the naked
eye but the regular arrangement of the ultramicroscopic chemical atoms which are the base
of these invisible rays -- visible to the clairvoyant, however. Crystallinity in a precious
or semi-precious stone is a matter of structure, and not of shape.

What has occult science to say about the
supposed good and evil emanations of precious
and not-so-precious stones? We learn from Sir
Thomas Browne that this category of stones,
like some woods and gums used in incense, have
a vibration corresponding with the vibrations
of some higher or lower emotions, and will absorb these kinds of vibrations. The gems employed in initiation ceremonies 2,000 years
ago still remain vigorous centers of magnetic
influence, according to Sir Thomas, who has
examined a collection of these gems in the
British Museum.

Dr, P. Besant, famed psychic explorer, says
he has found permanent chemical atoms scattered thru the mineral and vegetable kingdoms,
yet he has been unable to learn why they exist
in only a few things. For example, a permanent
atom is found in a diamond, a lazulite, ruby,
azurite, and in a few other minerals, as well The precious and semi-precious stones menas being scattered thru some ore veins. These tioned each will emit these seven rays accordvibrations, or rather rays ,of these atoms in ing to the emotional and mental properties of
the mineral have a color shade which indicates the holder, altho the main ray will remain
certain qualifications. Some of these are: strongest, unless destroyed by evil forces,
(11 The characteristic color of the azur- Both azurite and malachite are hydrous copper
ite's ray is electric, or deep blue, provided carbonate, but whereas the malachite is an
it is not mixed too much with malachite. Too emerald green, the azurite has a deep blue
much handling will destroy this ray. The ray color, and is found only in copper deposits,
denotes courage , strength , and inflexibility. The malachite is not a ray mineral; however,
The diamond, rock quartz, zircon, lazulite, the malachite and azurite are both psychogenic,
and opal have the same properties. Moreover, but the malachite only for evil.
the azurite is psychogenic, as is the diamond,
lazulite, and malachite. These stones seem to
be a link between the subconscious, or psychic, Taxes are enforced donations you make yourand the conscious, or physic, self in December for things you thought your
(21 The sapphire emits a dark orange ray, neighbors could afford in January five or six
which denotes nobility, wisdom , and unselfish years ago.

love. (31 The emerald sends out a green ray, Breakfast cereal -- a food dictated by your
meaning creative ability and activity. child's current taste in cheap trinkets.
(41 Jasper has a light orange ray, which
denotes a seeker of harmony. "Faith'' is an effort to suppress doubt.

Given Off bg Gems
NCE I heard a woman ask, when buying a
quart of ice cream, if the kind was particularly fattening. "No," the clerk said.
"All the fattening elements have been removed in the freezing." "Have they taken
most of the calories out?" the woman asked

It is generally thought by the layman that
a calorie is something tangible, elimination
of which would solve all diet problems of
those tending toward obesity.

In reality, a calorie is nothing more than
a unit of heat. It is, in the more technical
terms of physicists, the amount of heat required to raise one gram of water one degree
centigrade. The food we eat produces a certain
heat energy in our bodies, which is the fuel
for the most complex of all machines -- the human organism. Obviously, this heat energy cannot all be used at once, for if it should, we
would die in a very short time. Some of it
must be held in reserve. It is when this reservoir becomes overstocked that the reservoir
itself begins to affect the physical contour
of the body; the more stored, the greater the
obvious distortion.
(51 The topaz has a golden yellow ray of
concrete science and ordered knowledge.
(61 The ruby has a crimson ray, which talks
about purity and goodness.
(71 The amethyst ray stands for beauty and
purpose, The violet color of the ray is very
strong and pronounced. Anyone who wishes to
attract these ray qualifications should wear a
gem in tune with their desire, but should make
sure that the stone is virgin and nct handled
overmuch by others. Too much handling will destroy the ray.

Malachite is the only negative mineral of
those mentioned because it never emits any
vibrations of virtue. It will absorb