Volume 6, Issue 9, page 6

ERTAINTY conditioning" is a process
by which repetitive hypnotic suggestions are installed in an individual
to accept without question that a
specified idea is absolutely true.

It doesn't matter how absurd the
idea may be ; to the victim the idea
is absolutely certain and never to
be questioned or doubted under any
circumstances. Thus, by certainty
conditioning, a person can be led to believe that we live on the inside of the
Earth, not outside; that Communist slavery is actually freedom ; that the Ego is
located three feet behind a person's
head ; that Boop-de-dope soap cures ingrown toenails; and s o on. Certainty conditioning is an integral part of Communist brain-washing, Scientological processing, m o d e r n advertising , and the
preaching of some religious cults.

The purpose of certainty conditioning is
always the same: Control. Control a man's
ideas, and you control his mind. Control his
mind, and you can make him do anything you
want him to. Probably the most vicious form of
certainty conditioning is that aimed at children . "Twig-benders" abound in the world today, unfortunately, busily installing their
particular variety of certainty conditioning
in innocent children who lack data by means of
which to protect themselves.

The purpose of this article is to discuss
some techniques which may be helpful in clearing certainty conditioning. Unfortunately, the
task is not an easy one, especially if the
victim is still subject to more certainty conditioning from his Master. Indeed, in the
presence of continued certainty conditioning,
there is very little that can be done. The
necessary first step is to turn off the certainty conditioning. Fortunately, this can
frequently be done.

In what follows, it will be assumed that
this step has been achieved, that the individual has been successfully liberated from the
source of his certainty conditioning. Let us
suppose further, for illustrative purposes,
that the individual has been led by his certainty conditioning to believe that his Ego is
sitting on the end of his nose. What can be
done about this?
First, no attempt should be made to invalidate the delusion, no matter how absurd it may
be. This does not mean that the coach himself
has to accept the idea; a noncommittal attitude
is best in most cases. If pressed, the coach
can express understanding of the idea, without
committing himself wholly to accept it; and he
can use this to convey empathy for the subject. But hi s actions and communications
should be focused primarily on other channels.
This should continue until rapport has been
achieved and developed.

Once rapport has been achieved, the coach
should direct his-actions and communications
toward the next step, which is to transmit to
the subject the idea of what we call in Synergetics, 'Tnfornation Source ". Here, "Synergese" may be an advantage, for the term itself
may arouse some curiosity. The basic idea of
Information Source, of course, is that any
event, idea, situation, viewpoint, etc., can
be viewed as an Information Source. By this is
meant that it is possible to learn something
new from the Information Source, that no matter how much a person knows, it is always possible to know more, and that one does not have
to approve or agree or like the Information
Source to do this. Information Source is of
course not new