Capitol Carnival Carousel; Anniversary Special

Capitol Carnival Carousel

by G. Y. Psy-chology

WASHINGTON, Aug. — The HASI has moved to Washington, lock, stock, and (not beer) barrel. Here is the gist of the notice posted on the Bulletin Board of the school:

There are four organizations :

The H.A.S.I.

The Silver Spring Business Service.

The Academy of Religious Arts & Science.

Hubbard Guidance Center.

Whether the changes have been made in line with the HASI'susual plasticityin the face of legal technicalities or not I’m not quite sure (but almost). The notice did say that the HASI is not allowed by Area (D.C., Md., Va.) laws to fore, it has opened an office at 8210Fenton St., SilverSpring,Md.,wher it will do nothing but sell memberships. It will be controlled by a seven-man board of directors. They are holding an "election" (one name for each vacancy, Russian style, but you can write-in) in which Founding members only can vote. (Incidentally, if you haven't acquired the latest Ability do so. In addition to the slate, there is an excellent discussion of straight wire —36-page issue, but 10 of 'em are ads—paid.)

The Silver Spring Business Service will rent and sell tapes, sail books, publish Ability, etc. In return for servicing the HASI's mailing list, the HASI will furnish it with ample "stocks" (books, etc. , I guess.)

The Academy of Religious Arts and Sciences will be the seminary of the HASI and is chartered under the Church of Scientology. It will teach three courses, which will result in the rewarding of Certificates (not degrees, note) the HCA course, $500; the HAA course (advanced, $285)> and the HGA course, $800. Dave Murray (temporarily. Jack Horner) will teach the BBA course, and be Director of training; Dick Steves will teach the HAA course, and L.Rcn, who will be hired by the Academy in a consulting capacity, will teach the HGA course.

The Hubbard Guidance Center will operate for the present in the same quarters as the Acadeny (1845 R.St., N.W., diagonally across the street from Bill Young'*s). Julia Lewis will run it and it will also hire Bon on a consulting basis. It is a processing unit, set up, I believe, by the church. They are arranging separate quarters. Processing is in intensives only — $500 per week or $1250 for three weeks.

When I was in the Acadeny, there was a class of 8 or 10 listening to someone I didn't know (female).

Ron says it was getting too "hot" for him in Phoenix. If he was talking about the weather, it's been a bit warmish here, too.


One year ago, we printed a few million (more or less) copies of SCRUB OAKS, a 332-page novel of smalltownnoistalgia. We expected everycopy to be gone withinafewweeks,but a yearlater,westill haveafew left. Sinceweneed thespace, we arxe offering (forafewyears only) a copy of this clothbound book and a year'*s_ 0subscription to The ABZSttQX-—both for >3, a saving of $2.50. (This offer is for 1 and renewal subscribers ONLY,

NOTES ON THE CLINICAL COURSE—No wonder these have been declared "illegal and unauthor­ ised". More then 200 pages of notes from lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard to students of his $800 Advanced Clinical Course. These cover theory, processes not available outside the classroom, and the exact patter for several hours* processing. You save $794-' Only • • • • $6.00

ELECTBCFSYCHCMEraY--4th Edition in two volumes—by Volney Mathison. Detailing use of the E-Meter—plus several techniques now being introduced to doctors for use in thereby. A theory of man and wty he is ill no student can afford to peas up, whether he uses an Electropsychcueter or not.Bothvolumes....$3-75

SCRUB OAKS—A novel of newspapering in a snail town, with a heavy sprinkling of love, hate, oil, and greed—and how they embroil the closely-knit neighbors of a smell village. . . . $2-50

CO-CPffiATIVT HEALING, by L. E. Semen—In simple language, the author tells how human radiations can be used to cure disease—your own, or in co-operation with others. 395 pages...$4

CCDS A 008: (All orders subject to previous sale. If books are not available, money willberefunded.)

HEAL YOURSELF (Anthony). . . . $3 sensational, other bock YOU LIVE AFTER DEATH, By Harold Sherman . . $2*75 While not as maybe some of these bargains will fascinate you as much, or more:

ON AUDITING, By Martha Courtis . ■ . $1.50 • pages notes on London lecv ires .

TECHNIQUE 88" — I1 i hours of Hubbardtapes,made i_n__June, 1952. Theseareonplastic.1 and inmetalcans. Bargain...$tO>.00

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207 N. Washington, &iid, Okla.


Due to the unusual demand, for this set of 254 SELF-PROCESSIN cards and the instruction book­ let , we are now able to reduce the price to...........................$2.50

Based on the famous SIX STEPS of SCIENTOLOGY,they have proven a valuable assist to enthusiastic users all over the world.

We have a few copies of the NOTES ON 1954 LECTURES BY L. RON HUBBARD published by the South Africa HASI. This information is not published elsewhere and includes the basic AXIOMS and ISNESS theory of SCIENTOLOGY. Transcribed from tapes . . $3*50
Add tax in California.

621 South Oxford Aveme,
Los Angeles 5, Calif.


Psychiatry is in the "funny books"—right where it belongs!

Bernie Ross of New York sentusacopyof "Psycho analysis", which seeks to tell in pictures; how the analyst solves the problems of his patients. And the Scientologist who finds in the "book" a modus operand! for his own pre-clears also might want to buy some of the medical doo-dads on the back page: such as a finger chopper, a magic wand, a "whoopee cushion", or even the "Superman" costume for bodies 4 to 14.