Volume 2, Issue 5, page 9

HE LETTER "I" is a picture of substituted for the phalli, which simply
the erect vertical male. The indicate, as arrowheads do, the direction
letter "S" is a slumped "I" of the force and the force of the direcand is the female. So, in tion.
English, in order to plural- The Maltese Cross is showing, in
ize a noun, we generally add plan, a pyramid in the making. The black
the feminine "S". Female diagonal corners, indicating a square be"S'es" are recesses and pos- low, is the unseen chaos, the mother
seas he recordings -- and therefore we space. It goes out, with the record, as
also add the "S" to form the possessive. far as it can go, cubically, until it has
"S'es" make a lion a lioness, a mister a met its equal parallel surfaces, from
mistress, and so on. which it is repelled and echoed back as
Together, the male "I" and the fe- the cross of matter -- the plus.
male "S", "IS", and means "to be". These cardinal arrows of force, in"Am" is the sound for mother in all rushing and pitted against each other,
tongues. So, therefore, "I am" also means must of necessity raise the central
"to be". square up, closing the diagonal spaces
In Hebrew the letter "B" is pro- and form a truncated pyramid -- a pyramid
nounced "bus" and means house or daugh- without a capstone. It is beheaded and
ter. Its glyph is a mouth carrying a dot unpointed, because all in the apex become
in it. In English, the letter "B" is the expelling its, and it blow its top as it
profile of the torso of a pregnant woman. is pointed.

The Chinese second glyph has a similar The word "Ap" or "Ab" means father
meaning. So the words "to be" or "toward or head in all languages. An apex is a
B" become self-explanatory. The daughter father-x, is Pax, is an expiate, is a
is the dotter, is the dough-ter. Chi Rho;,i=aa- . A pyramid is the exploWords are symbols, organically grown. ded mother imploding, and also the imploIsis, the two "Is'es", the repellent ded father exploding.
likes, is the causing that is a spacing. The mother base is acquisitive. The
Isis is the Egyptian Virgin Mother of the father apex is inquisitive. When we
World, the inexhaustible source, the stress, record, or mock up in the base,
vacuum that gathers together the whole that which we want when we want it, we
whirled of positives and negatives by her are suffering from anxiety, which is anattraction. 'As a wife and a sister (as- nex-iety, which is possessiveness, which
sistor) she is the catalytic animator, explodes in our inquisitive faces as it
who aptly says, "No mortal man hath ever is pyramidally pointed and created. A
me unveiled". Only a void can produce a Malta-ing is a melting, is a zeroing, is
body -- by allowing everything to come to a a pointing of the male Tau.
point in it. Nature will ever avoid a For the next symbol, please look on
void and also produce it. "Ex nihilo om- the back of a $1 bill, Depicted thereon
nis fit" and also "Ex nihilo nihil fit". is the Great Seal of the U.S., the great
On the island of vice versa.
Malta, the Maltese Two zeros compose our Seal -- one at
Cross was found. It the head and one at the heel.
is a stone carving of Starting at the bottom of the unseen
four phalli, pointing adverse side, the invisible underbelly of
toward each other. chaos and cause is the shore. and the sea.
Geometrical triangles have since been From the mother earth and the amniotic
The ABERREE, September, 1955 9