Volume 2, Issue 5, page 6

structure it is driven through. If`-there at any, time when one probably would be
is any kind of agreement here, it inheres indulging in self-pity, worry, or in some
in that which I herein term Divine Mind, other negative anxiety-generating type of
and is expressed in laws, not in a system image patterns.
of mental or psychic imagery in human Fourthly, it is necessary to -.take
conscious awareness, any and all feasible concurrent physical
Yet even here creative image therapy action directed toward bringing the body
a potent force in REPAIRING damages and the environment into conformity with
the relationships set up in the image
wrought by poisons, by viruses, and by patterns. What this means is, Don't go to
the sword. pot sitting around just lazily creating
There is, if viewed with the above mental image systems -- not even positive
clarification, positively NO LIMIT to the ones. Create the images, duplicate them,
possibilities deep within mental psychic and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM! Use every
energy image patterns. This power can be available curative or constructive physiand is applied in the healing arts, in the cal thing or agency that can be turned to
maintenance of health, in the eradication use!
of constitutional disease, including all One fact to be emphasized about oreof the "incurable" types, such as cancer, atainly tive image therapy is that while it cerarteriosclerosisi and arthritis. It can has at some times worked rather
be made to work in the creation of any sudden "Miracles", this is not commonly
good and desirable thing or project what- the way it does work. Instead, it funcoever. There are perhaps only about four described fione as a generally"in a manner that" That
might be
smayor secondary rules to be observed in "delayed reaction
the application of positive mental imag- is to say, you image up, you duplicate,
PP P you do physical things, you work and work
ery techniques: and duplicate and image up again and work
Firstly, it is absolutely necessary -- and nothing seems to change, the whole
first of all to bring up into conscious program seems to be disappointing. You
awareness all negative systems of mental keep on doggedly, then gradually you forimagery operating deep within the sub- get about the great weight of the specific
conscious areas of the personality and to problem, and suddenly one day you become
discharge the electronuclear potentials aware that the event you have worked for
on such negative image systems by the use so hard hail ACTUALLY OCCURRED!
of Freudian types of therapeutic analysis, In applying creative me -imagery,
such as those dealt with in the Manual, an equally potent factor is the INTENSITY
"Electropsychometry", of the image. Mental images are not, and
If this is not done, then the patient apparently cannot be sustained ina steady
is thrown into a disastrous psychics con- continuous picture, such as that presented
Eliot. No matter how grimly., how deeper- Th
by, e mental toental say, a bis ad on a billboard.
ete1y he resolves to "think positively", Th imago e is, instead, a rapid
series of recurrent flickers,
to create and duplicate constructive swen- It is urgently necessary that the
tal imagery, he fails because his nega- patient, or the general reader, be made
Live systems of deep undischarged fears, clearly aware that mental images can be
anxieties, 'and the like keep sneaking in. created only in this flicker-like mode.

Secondly, it is necessary consciously Otherwise, there is apt to be a lot of
and purposefully to create SPECIFIC mental needless frustration over the notion that
images of the desired event as now ACTU- one can't achieve clear mental images. --
ALLY ARRIVING OR AS HAVING ARRIVED. The Nonetheless, there is a variable
es must be sharply of intensity of created mental imimag precise, in focus, ages -- and this degree of intensity -- -INto the point -- and not vague wishes. CREASES WITH PERSISTENT, CONSCIOUS PRACThirdly, it is necessary persistent- TICE. There is no mathematically accurate
ly and dynamically to DUPLICATE the way, itias yet' tal imageso measure the intensity of
selected constructed systems of mental Posnv~~eB~ methe nle bat relatively
images. By duplicating is meant to re- duplicated the more per ng sharper, c, clearer, andy are
and more
create them, to repeat them, over and intense they become,
over. The act of duplicating constructive (m NOd'g-~1'hia Lithe seam& abridgaait of absptars
mental images is carried on at any and five Mr. 3Ksthisea's sar beak. Creative Image 'lbsxspr,
all idle moments -- while riding, waiting obtainable ism the author at b. War obaptars will be
for a bus, resting before or after meals, Primed in future isaws of 'sha 4TH