Volume 2, Issue 5, page 12

ments as an almost exact takes-ofd from
our Seal.

How come that Siam stole
our thunder? Compare their
seal with the obverse side of
ours. To be headed from the
point of the headdress and the
cloudlets of curls, to use
the arms as antennaes, to employ the body, the X-ing wings, the tailfeathers, the digestive tract, the colon,
the turned-up claws and low and be wholed
the same Siam consonants as in U. S. Am.
Sames are Samms, are repellent equals.
"Our moral world even
as our physical world is
a vast but hermetically
sealed sphere, whence
naught can issue, whence
naught cam fall, to be
dissolved into space," --
Maeterlinck. And here
is another diagram of it
that the Christian
Anchorites use.

Maeterlinck also said, "To but deem
oneself in safety suffices to bring down
the thunderbolt." This is just saying "X
marks the spot". The very instant the
spot is marked, it explodes.

A mock-up is a deemed-up point of
safety. They work only too well. But
be not fooled. The explosive point cannot be coped with. Something's gotta
give. Every point of creation is a _flash
of lightning, a void, and a thunderbolt.
The point is a maelstrom, a male storm, a

When you think "This is it," don't
shout. When you think you are safe, watch
out. And this writer is fully aware that
all of his seemingly positive statements
are but probabilities, i.e., probe-abilities, which "ain't necessarily so". Corrections are welcome.

Although on the observed side of our
Seal it seems that Adam, the point, came
first, and Eve, the space, last, the ad,
verse side belies the senses. In Genesis,
the evening and the morning was a day.
The evening evens up the day. In therapy,
evening up first, rebalancing first, is to
relax, drop the jaw, close the eyes and
look down. The irresistible yawn, which
accompanies the Silence, is the period in
the periodicity, exploding harmlessly,
the safety valve blowing off steam.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else. will be added unto thee."
The K-ing dome is the augmenting vacuum
of space. Heaven is the He-oven. The
dome is the dame. So be clamed. Orient to
"B", and
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12 The ABERREE, September, 1955