Volume 2, Issue 5, page 16

ive groin processing, and we discuss
co-auditing. The arrangement is
flexible, depending on the particular evening. Monday nights the various teams meet an co-audit fo appprox tely 2-3 hours. Dott (Mrs.
Drukeer has become interested again
and is presently attending the Friday evening group. The situation as
a whole is very pleasing to me from
the standpoint of my finally getting
some long-wanted auditing, auditing
others, and Dott's interest. Stan
is very competent as an auditor and
as a group leader." -- Herb Druker,I12, Brooklyn. Y.Y.

"I think the Infinites idea is a
fine one. Unquestionably it presents
the biggest bargain in all the history of Da/Son...Please enroll and
enscroll me as a full fledged, cardcarrying member of the Infinites.
For this I enclose the full price of
nothing which you will find after
you empty the envelope...
"A few days ago I got your JulyAugust Xmas) issue which I think is
a little up on the Juneish... Hennick's Christmas article, while interesting, rather misses the point.
It is less important how Xmas originated than how it is being used
since. It has become a festival
within the Christian domain (and in
some cases outside of it) whose
function is to re-establish ARC between people and groups. Even people who are enemies 11- months a year
often become cordial and relaxed
during the holiday week. Some Xmas
behavior is aberrated of course, but
most is of a higher than normal tone
"I reserve response on the Washington Congress reorientation of
Scn. until I learn more details. I
only point out one inaccuracy in the
report. The wisdom of Dharma. Lao
Ise, Krishna, Buddha. tc., are specified. But Dharma (Sanskrit, Law)
is not a sage or teacher as are the
rest of the list but te Dharma Putra (Pali, Mamma Pads.) is the
Old Testament of Buddhism. The confusion could easily be from the
s rce of the info. (Ability Minor
5). One subject on which Hubbard is
well qualified is Buddhism. I've
checked all his quotations from the
Dharma Putra end Sutras (Buddhist
liew Testament) and they are 100%
correct. Since Hubbard's announced
program -- the application of r`nropeen-American engineering techniques
to to Asian philosoggby -- is the program
actually followed I cannot understand the abstraction from the engineering viewpoint. Such a move
could totally vitiate Scientology
and has done so whenever it has been
tried. Such a change of approach
will not occur whether attempted or
"Mathison is, if anything, too
qualified in some statements. Everything which occurs in the physical
universe, not 'almost everything',
is an event. Events are of two
classes. Point events which are what
occur at one place at one time.
Process-events which are ordered
series of point-events occurring in
a bounded region of space-time. All
humans, life forms, objects and happenings whatsoever are processevents,unless they are point-events.
Thetans, etc., aren't. I have often
thought that the whole awkward extensive definitions, theta,etc. -- 'no
wave-length, no mass, no location in
space and time', etc., could be rigorously and elegantly expressed as
'Thetans are not space-time events'.
That says it all. The intervegtion
of thetans into (impingement on) the
physical universe, whether with Hubbard's considerations or Mathison's
images would be point-events. A
point being dimensionless but locational would express it well. I
think Hubbard's 'Consideration' and
Mathison's 'image' are semantically
equivalent though Mathison's term is
perhaps more explicit. Perhaps Mathison is doing what I have long wanted to see -- a re-expression of Scientology in other and less synthetic
terms. Indeed, one test of the validity of a doctrine is semantic invariance under a change of terminology. A doctrine passing this test
is empirical; that is, its significance is external to itself; it has
reference. If I did not think that
Scientology fulfilled this condition
I would have dropped it three years
"I think Philip Friedman will
continue to be misinterpreted
many readers. I am delighted wit
him. Here is a case of pure, unabashed, metaphysical enquiry. Normally metaphysicians purport that
their systems are descriptions o
the universe (which they are not
rather than metalinguistic research
(which they are). I class Friedman
with the highly select class of honest metaphysicians who, aside from
the mathematical logisticians, include Spinoza. Santayana, and not
many more. All this is aside from
the aesthetic of the series. If the
readers aren't interested in metalinguistics (as I am)) they can always
read it as poetry.
s"Infinite 20's Cloud .. describes
a very dull same. It aesthetic
taste, if nothing else. rebels at
such a stupid structure for the Cosmic All (as Dr. E. E. Smith would