Volume 2, Issue 5, page 10

waters below the pyramid, the formed ribbon, like the virgin moon, is newly circumscribing and inscribing, that "Novus
Ordo Seclorum" (a new worldly order is
Like the Cross of Malta, the broad
bottom of the feminine pyramid gathers up
the recordings in the lower chaos, and
builds them up in 13 courses of Masonry
(Mother-Son-ery), and points (fathers)
them on the truncated square, in the
apex. There, on the square, is where human sacrifices were performed in ancient
ritual -- the point where the X-ing of the
Father takes place. The All-Seeing Eye
is the All-C-ing-I, is the All-Christing
I, is the X-ing 1.

This All-Seeing-I is the unseen
point -- seeing all because all is in the
point, in the center of the universe. The
eye peers out of the dark sky of space
and is saying, in 13 letters, "Annuit Doeptis", the meaning of which is said to
be shrouded in mystery. But the word
"Annuit" is "annuity" and "Coeptis" means
"caged, coped, cop it, or cap it is". Recapitulating, it says, "The cyclic or
seasonal pointing is veiled". All is
captured and X-ed in the coping, and we
cannot cope with it.

On the obverse observed side, directly superimposed over the explosion of
the point on the adverse side, is the
same explosion, imploding. Coming back
into manifestation out of space is the
circle of condensing gathering clouds,
enclosing the Seal of Solomon, the SolMoon, forming the cross of matter, which
is represented by 13 stars. They compose
the six-pointed star. The 13th or middle
star is the unlucky new birth, the physical emergent.

On the adverse side, the point of
the pyramid was voided as it was created,
invisibly recorded and inverted in space
as it was voided, and is being recreated
on the visible side exactly as recorded.
The invisible inversion is a mirroring, a
mock appearance, that is translated from
the sealed to the revealed.

Thus, the descent,
or fall of man into
matter, begins at the
top of the obverse
Seal, as positive and
negative cloudlets,
cross-pollinating and
interlacing -- seed i ng
the birth of the new
son. Step by step, the descent of the
nascent, new sent cross of matter comes ther", "I goeth unto the father", "Ths
to a head, in puberty, in the positive
right face of the bald head of the eagle.

Then silently, with closed mouth --
effortlessly, without sound and fury -- the
1 is brought in by the gatherings through
the antennae the unfurled streamers,
which say, also in 13 letters, "E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). The selection of a bird with turned-down beak
shows its positive nature of polarizing
down to the left. The head contains all
the past and the future, the, posited and
the sutured records that could be headed.

A neck's an X, and through this nexus, the record within the head expands
into a body, which is evolved in accordance with the record involved in the head.

The body is the shield, is the conventionalized version of the torso, is
the shield that shields the spiraling spinal pyramid, and is its outer garment.
The top of, the shield, the dark, blue air
field, the lungs, gathers in oxygen and
feeds the capillaries that feed the blood
cells. The 13 stars appearing out of the
blue are 13 states of being, each a material colony, on the way toward the
colon, colonizing down, the masculine
way, following the 13 vertical stripes.

From the annex of the mouth, to the
anus of the colon, the digestive tract is
indeed a bottomless pit. If the convolutions of the brain records and stomachs
the food for the head, the convolutions
of the stomach is the recording brain
that feeds the torso.

Possession is the po-session, is the
passive session. Possession is 9/10ths
of the law -- the law of the cycle shown in
the 9 tail feathers the, eaglee,fanni.ng
down and out, leveling hor 6n- tally the earth and repelled back up. The horizontal repellent equality is the end of
the genetic line. Horizontal planes repel -- points expell.

Up and in, spineally, on the adverse
side, is the first melting -- down and out,
digestively, on the obverse side, is the
second -- the two major zeroings. The first
is the raising and leveling with the
heaven -- the upper chamber. The last is
the falling and leveling with the earth --
gravitation to the grave. The fall and
rise of man is co-existent. Thus levitation and gravitation are mut