Volume 2, Issue 5, page 8

broom, or the plain broom AND the superbroom, were upset. And so were the financial backers. But there were those who
would rather study than sweep who hailed
this new excuse not to sweep and swab the
dust, dirt, and filth as the millenium!
They -- together with Ruggles and his super-duper-broom—moved to another city,
where new thousands were taught, new backers found, and some more research done.

In rapid succession came the superduper-booper-broom, the super-duper-boopor-cooper-broom, the super-duper-boopercooper-hooper-broom, and the super-duperbooper-cooper-hooper-pooper-broom, and
with each improvement, the school was
moved to a new city, new backers found,
new students enroled, and new research

Sometimes the backers became little
guys with $25 or less, and the students
could be counted on the fingers of one
hand -- but the research, at least, grew by
leaps and bounds. In fact, by the time
the fifth hyphen was added, the broom had
become so magical it would sweep and swab
with one miraculous sweep, and dust and
dirt and filth were almost no more. Well,
almost almost.

Years pass. Broom closets are full
of plain brooms, super-brooms, super-duper-brooms, super - duper - booper - brooms,
super-duper-booper-cooper-hooper - brooms,
and super-duper-booper-cooper-hooper-pooper brooms. The world is full of students who have learned to use several of
the various brooms and swabs. But there
are those who say the streets are still
full of litter, the porches have dirt, and
dust, and filth on them, and-if you lift
up the corners of the rugs, you'll find.
nests of roaches hiding in the inches of,
dirt, and dust, and filth underneath.

But those who would-sayfOu ah things
are cynics—and probably are-ariminsls,
if one took the time to checktbsir backgrounds. The fact is, Rnfflee -- plans_ to
move his school again, and his -Fmew broom --
a super-duper-booper-cooper-trooper-pooper-snooper-broom-will eradicate the dirt,
dust, and filth with the repetition of a
-few magic phrases.

There is no more need for dirt and
dust and filth than there is for using a
plain broom- when you have a super-duperbooper-cooper-hooper-pooper-snooper-broom

We have several persons:
A, B, C, D. And we have a
couple ideas which are quite
similar but have different
labels: E and F.

A and C are in Cult E,
and may discuss it. B and
D are in Cult F and may
discuss that. All four persons may be talking about
the same thing, but A and C
will imagine that they are
discussing something that B
and D should not hear, and
vice versa.

Now A wants to talk with
B about E. But if B is in
Cult F, and one of the tenets of the cult is to keep
it secret, then A will not
discuss E or F with B.

One result, observable
around us, isee that there are
subject a llhichofa ee de&
with helpfully in E but not
in F. And other items are
dealt with helpfully in F
but not in E. Yet the two
groups will continue in ignorance of the whole subject, as -rounded out by
these items, until someone
slips over and joins the
other camp.

Another result is that
the interests of the Leader
of E and the Leader of F
work against any sharing of
ideas. Leader E is content
to have his group get ALL
of its information on the
subject from only him. Leader F feels the same way
about HIS program. However
much Leader "borrows" from
Leader, there must be no
sharing on the lower levels.

And so we find an artificial,. selfishly created
reversal of affinity, reality, and communication. In
an individual, such a reversal brings about lowered
tone, poor internal organic
and systematic relationfill It seems that .much
same thing happens.

The ABERREE, September, 1955.
within each group, and
within the larger Group
which we all share.

ED.NOTE -- O e Qf the big
blocks to affinity between
groups seems to be the_ penchant of leaders to invent
a language all their own;
and the stubbornness with
which followers refuse to
accept other nomenclature.
It's a good "crutch" -- this
"semantics difficulties".
The gangsters who denied an honor graduate his
commission in the Navy because his mother once was
a communist should learn
that the communism most of
us oppose is a "system" --
and it looks just as disgusting over here as it
does over there..

If you had to count the
words in the Bible, how
many would there beT Too.