Volume 2, Issue 5, page 15

geta &Met :
"I have been watching the ABA
with the greatest interest and wondering haw long you could keep it
going..-If prospects look good for
continuing the wag. I am all for the
idea put forth by Pars. Hart in a
note to me in last issue that you
roundup and digest and evaluate
the main ones of the courses. teachings, revelations, or outright gyps
which the self-appointed amengst us,
myself included, present hopefully.
"There is one field in this assortment of teachings which has not
yet been exploited, and it should be
right up your alley. what with the
horns. You know how the several
teachers have expounded vast nothings of late, clamming or even getting.thro h mediums, the Vast Nothings right from the horse's mouth,
whether he be one of the Blavatsky
'masters' or the gods and demi-gods
"In short, new appears to be the
rich, ripe time to have the Devil.
in person. speak through an appropriate medium of science-fiction
types of mechanism and give his teachhiinn , gather to his representative
on earth a fine following, and teach
all the best and most dangerous ways
of being evil and enjoying it. This
should have magnificent appeal in
all walks of life and the one drawback of the moment could be removed
by promising all the life members,
contributing members, supporting
members, and so on and on, fire-immunity after death, and a fine asbestos handled fork so that they
could continue to have fun no end in
hell when their goldy-goody friends
arrive and can be selected for persale, attentions with the fork...
"This promises to be a really hilarious course and order. It could
be enjoyed by all and sundry, good
and bad alike, and only those who so
desire need take it seriously and
show their membership badge or give
the grip and the password to explain
to close friends why they have stolen the other fellow's wife, life,

liberty, or happiness. If ABIPBtEh
readers would caly send in suggestions on enjoyable devilishness to
the editor or leader of the order
and writer of the course, some most
delightful ways of sinning might be
uncovered and tsught -- always taught
with the full warning that if one
gets into trouble, all the other
devils of the order will laugh like
-- and raise not a finger to help.
Yes, even kick the book fool when he
is down and get a gold star for doing so.
"On the serious side, a careful
outline and digest of the several
teachings now extant would be of
value to the few who have sufficient
open minds to know when a 'teacher'
manufactures his stuff out of whole
cloth and announces (at a price):
'This is it because I say so', and
the teacher who really is not trying
to teach, but who is some curious
fellow who has dug up what he considers valid materials and who wishes to share his finds with others --
but who may have to ask his friends
to help pay the cost of printing and
mailing, and so becomes shadowed by
the suspicion cast by meney collecting." -- Mat Freedom Long, Vista,
"I intuit from your silence and
other things that you are not yourself 'enthusiastic'. shall we say,
about Synergetics. Putting myself in
yair shoes, I think I can understand
this. You have invested a lot of
time and money in 'diantology' and
feel there is good in it despite the
actions of some of its leaders.
Moreover, you are editing a journal
which goes to a diantological audience. These are ties which could
naturally make it difficult for you
to ggo 'all-out' for Synergetics.
''That you think of Cynergetics
itself I do not know; perhaps you
have not yet formed an opinion.
"In any event. I do not want to
be an instrument. of 'depergy' for
you. While I would like very much
to have you and Agnes really on the
Synergetic team, I will not press
the matter further. I only went you
both to know that if at any time you
should went to do so, you will be
more than welcome.
"Diantology's gain is Synergetics' loss."