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SOME YEARS ago, I was giving a talk before a southern flying
saucer group of about 40 persons, and was
demonstrating the electropsychometer which is used in
Scientology. Everything went great until I struck a gal, who
reacted with a drop (decrease in body resistance, as with an
ohmeter)-which indicated a"yes" on every question I
asked. Was I embarrassed! And there was much laughter at my

So. to stall, I said there was a low battery. While changing it,
I decided to KNOW what the answer was. Yep. So
I put her back on the meter and asked, "Are you Jesus Christ?"
Big drop reaction. "Are you guilty?" Another one.
So-- "Well, folks, it looks like something is keyedinhere that
will have to be addressed before a normal reading can
be taken. Would someone else like to try it?"

Thus, I got out of that one. But, you know,


7 From the Metropolitan Museum of Irt

tual Memory or


agined Ide, ntity


opyrighted notes from book,"Bridge to a Now Science", in

I have found that about two out of three will indicate on the
meter that they are Jesus. To the degree that one is
identified with another valence, they will react. There are
oodles of Julius Caesars, Cleopatras, famous musicians,
artists, etc. If the present were to be checked some hundreds of
years from now, we might find ~cores of L. Ron
Hubbards. If a person goes into a valence, he will react.

But because there is hallucination. it does not mean that there
is not some truth therein. I have found many
genuine ones. But such are uncovered incidental to
processing--and it is not a purpose of processing -- unless the
preclear (client) specifically sets such a determination as a
goal. The following recounting happens to be one of my
own past bodies. It happens to be the only important person I
have recovered -- tho others, in processing, have
reality that I have been other important people. Without
explanation, I will say that the latter probably were
members of my spiritual family. I use one of my own experiences,
as I do not have to ask my permission to use it.
So, to our story -

'Way back in 1957, 1 met the daughter of two of my clients. We
both seemed to overreact a bit. I decided to
know what went on, scanned my track. Now. you see, after you
have* looked at enough of this stuff on past bodies
that tells you it is too terrible to look at, and you begin to
understand that it is not so bad after you have looked at
it, one overcomes the blocks that keep him from being at any time
or place that he decides to be. I decided to know
when and where I had known this gal.

I got a view ( "facsimile", it is called in Scientology) on the
shore of Holland, and the date 1632, She was my
sweetheart, was in a small sailboat that was being dashed to
pieces on the rocks.

In 1959, 1 was doing some of Margaret Hilliard's Marcane Art,
wherein one expresses emotions, etc., using
pastels. During thfs time, I was audited, and contacted the same
1632 incident. Now, with an auditor sitting there, I
contacted it more thoroly. I did not just stand there on the
beach. I grabbed a rowboat, headed for the sinking sailboat-
-lost my life.

Then, the auditor asked me, "What were your thoughts as you were

Me: "That I would continue my work."

Atiditor: "And what was your work?"

Me: "Art." in this lifetime, I had gotten a C - in art in high
school -- had been helpless in it.

Auditor: "Did you?"

Me: "Yes."

Auditor: "Did you become an artist who is known in present time?"

Me: "Yes."

Auditor: "What is the artist's name?"

Me: "Fahrmyer."

Auditor. "How do you spell it?"