Volume 2, Issue 5, page 18

anyone else that provides us a
'glorious purpose' for maintaining
this farce.
"It's possible LEH needs a few
!ghat s.
"Don't get me wrong! I'm for
Hubbard! If for no other reason
than that he has irked or inspired
me to stir my stumps and 'study'
any number of books that I was onl
vaguely aware (or not even that
were extant. I've ccme to know
sump'n of Stuart Chase, Wendell
Johnsen, H. P. Blavatsky, Thomas
Paine, Buell, James, Freud, Jung,
Middleton, Nlikesell, and others of
like disrepute. I've read the Tao
Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, The
Nature of the Universe (Fred Hoyle),
Doctor Einstein and Relativity, You
and Heredity (Schenfeld), and books
by Aldous Ruxley and Bertrand Russell. Even pawed thru CAESAR AND
CFRIST! Then I got acq inied with
deal) and wallowed in Origin of Religion, The Holy Heretics, The
Glands Within Us, Thought and the
Body, han Thru the Ages, and other
such delectable tidbits...
"Yea Tan! I've read and read!:
And, I've come to the conclusion
that there's sure a lot of smoke,
but nobody has tracked down just
where the fire is or what it consists of. Not yet! It's also my
conclusion that if all books supposedly containing knowledge were rewritten in accordance with the precepts of General Semantics that
there would be a Hell of a lot less
books of "knowledge".
"One aspect of all my 'study' is
that I don't spell nearly as good
now and care less. Likewise, I
find my loquaciousness has tapered
off and my memory is real peculiar...
"Keep the 'fire' going, oh aestro...And let's really get going on
an international (even inter-planetary) organization of INFINITESI!!"
-- Will Both, Houston, Tex.
"Shifts from one city to another
'permanently' by the NASI have long
since ceased to amaze me; though I
see nothing wrong in moving headquarters frcm time to time (to maintain sufficient randomity, perhaps),
I do think it rather silly to say
each time that it's a permanent
"Speaking of the 'Book of the
Dead', I wonder if anybody bothered
to count the groups now listed in
the United States and compare the
number with that before the September, 1954, policy went into effect.
At that time there were some 85
groups in this country, and the number is new down to 32. That goes
furtier to point up the fallacy of
Hubtard's statement that 'only 2 or
3' groups had objected. En!" -- Jon
Skinner, Portland, Ore.

"Latest issue of Aberree, very
geol. Color work, wonderful. Articles good. Philip Friedren.is getting better; this last article much
more esplcratcry of his concepts,
which are excellent. Whole issue is
right up tone again...The change of
policy notation expressed very well.
See, every knock is a boost. If not
for the conflict with HASI, Inc.
such change would not have been as
easily handled. It is not the matter of responsibility that is involved in anonymity but rather the
disadvantage of personal reaction to
spilling your guts at the time or
according to topic. Almost everyone
at one time or another is riding a
fence and for the advantageous position of keeping open communication
lines. These would be cut off or at
least hampered by the signing of
names. It is, in my opinion, a very
wise policy. It has the advantage
that should you desire to put out
some views of your cwn,to stimulate,
elucidate, or present an unusual
viewpoint on something, it could be
done without affecting The Aberree
as a publication. In other words, it
gives you a chance to plpy Dr. Jekyl
and Mr. Hyde, while still maintaining your basic editorial policy.
"Acknowledge your goals for Aberree, but don't spread out too far;
keep it close to the field. Scientology is good because it is a present time presentation of data, in
present time language and in line
with present time thinking. The
trouble with some of the other systems is that they use archaic terms
and phrases to present these concepts and get past lives restimulated and so get people out of present
time. There is nothing wrong with
it as long as people remember to
come up to present time after restimulation. Otherwise they all become Napoleons. Ridiculous, isn't
it. After all I knew I was Napoleon.
The others are imposters. Blub.
blub, blub. Call me rubber lips." --
Joe Zubris, Dorchester, lass.
"After vainly trying to persuade
Dr. Thurman Fleet of Concept Therapy
to desist from charging prices for
Electro sy hometers ranging all the
way up to $745, we have finally exercised a cancellation clause in his
contract and are texmin ting his
sales rights effective November 15.
"We will not knowingly permit any
tics. I sent for the Bosicrucian
booklet but have little intention of
subscribing -- I suspect that there is
little which cannot be found elsewhere, but should be very interested
if you know anything about it.
'I wish you would write an article which tells us scientifically of
things which LEH has discovered
without any doubt (although it is
quite excusable to inadvertently include non-original material-nobody
knows everything which has been
written. Dr. Winter makes such definite statements in his book and
they are of great interest." -- E.T.
Robins, London, England.
"What is this about your taking
such a grim attitude toward your
neat Aberree? If it's going to be a
job and a chore something must be
wrong. I didn't think you intended
to publish a humor magazine, so why
worry about the readers who want
more jokes? There are plenty of
comic books out. Bather than have
the Aberree an open forum for anybody's ideas, why not decide approximately what you believe to be right
and then publish articles that promote those ideas? Your readers will
have something to follow and your
work in putting it out should be
more of a pleasure..."
'We don't knew of remaining
HASI activity here. Just what's
in the Abilities they keep sending
(and they something different
each issue'