Volume 2, Issue 5, page 11

uralearth mound, said to be the center
of the land mass of the world, is the
Great Pyramid at Gizoh. In its foreground_is the mysterious Sphinx. The adverse pyramid and the obverse Sphinx is
analagous to the dichotomy of the Great
Seal of the U. S.
f a t h e r t h a t sent-me" ,- -and - "I and the
father are 1".
_ -- Organically, the mater motor base is
the bus, the dough-ter, the raises vehicle to the father.

A bell is a belle, Isabelle,
is a ball, is a belly. Liberty
Belle, it's time to ring again,
pyrem dal] ,y.

The Great Seal is the composite order of Union and Liberation
-- union in the father, liberation
from the mother. The final regathering
of all the positives and negatives is
displayed by the 13 upturned warlike active arrows and the peaceful passive olive
branch, with its 13 leaves and 13 olives.
The gathering again takes place on the
corresponding, carried over position, at
the bottom o the adverse side, the earthly shore swallowed up by the unseen sea,
the true place of the beginning of our

The American Nagle, with
1-ing legs and wings, is said
to be the fabulous phoenix
of mythology, that periodically sacrifices itself on
the altar of natter a n d
rises out of its own ashes.

T !WWII In the words " VVovus Seclorum, there are also 13 letters. The
word "Ordo" is %eluded because it is the
zero nexus, the Ordo or Door, between the
worldly and the spiritual.

On the base of the pyramid, and assuming the Seal to be based thereon, is
the date 1776, in Roman numerals. The 7
plus 6 is another 13. If in Rome, we do
as the Romans do, and subtract the prefix
1 from 7 plus 7, we obtain still another
13. Various other interesting numerical
connotations may be observed in the Seal.

The Great Seal is a composite story
of Father-Mother-Son-cry. From Mother Sea
to Papal See (papacy) is spiritual. From
clouds to clods is material.

To get a clearer picture of coexistence, fold the dollar bill so that the
adverse and obverse sides are exposed and

The Sphinx is a creature having the head and
breasts of a woman and
the posterior of the masculine lion's loins. Since
the feminine flow of forces is upward and the Baas downward,
a vacuma is created bet . n them and the
result of the inrushings f a central
point, a sphincter. AA,,ss in the division
of a simple cell, the Sphinx is polarized
plus at both ends, playing both ends
against the middle, out of which grow
wings, the symbol of protection -- the Xing
body. The Sphinx is a sphincter, is a
phoenix, is an X-cell. Simultaneously and
cyclically, the mother pyramid is gatheringtogether and pointing the father, as
the Sphinx is tearing asunder the son for
the regathering.

The Indian Thunderbird is a thunder
birth, a phoenix, or
a Sphinx, which voids
itself,. colon-izes itself, preparatory to
allowing the whole
universe to thunder
back into the point
for a new raising, an assumption, a going
up in the rapture, which is the rupture.
Note the primitive conventionalized eleThe cross
section of
this truncated pyramid reveals
the cross
section of
a woman.
There within her is. the entry for the piercing rays
of the .Dragon Star, the passages they
must travel, the chambers of gestation,
the bottomless pit, and other elements,
=skating and culminating under the X-ing
apex- in the pointed roofed King's chamber, in the center of which is an empty

The_ pyramid is the Isis, the mother
who gathers from the whole world her husband Osiris, after he is torn apart and.
dispersed. Sans genitalia, all is brought
together in the apex, to again become a
body. zis
built on a natThe ABERREE, September, 1.955