Four Rules of Miracle Healing

Four Rules of Miracle Healing


by Volney G. Mathison

THE THREE basic principles o creative image therapy have beenstated: Firstly, that the image precedestheeventj secondly, that the power of creative image patterns may be directed with equal force constructively or destruc­ tively! thirdly, that mental or psychic images are materialized into physical re­ ality by sustained duplication.

Before presenting positive creative imagetherapytechniques, itisurgently necessary to point out a few dangerous pitfalls and possible mistakes.

In the first place, there is the serious danger imaged illness, stress, with externally-sourced infec- tions. Itseemsunlikelythatsuddenin- vasions of deadly viruses and bacteria from outside the body— such as those of cholera, polio, and ' ofconfusing ihternally- or illness generated by the like—are apt to be the consequence of negative mental im­ age patterns on the part of the victim. Of course we do know that even in the

midstofepidemics, noteveryoneisin­ fected. Many walk among the dying, them­ selves immune. Why are seme persons im­ mune from one type, others immune from all? another, and some immune, seemingly, from ,

The answer does not always lie in the patterns of conscious mental 4magi systems—hut sometimes it does through the strange and perilous mode of eympa- pressed in the phrases, "I know Just how you feel", "I wish I could have had this instead of you", etc. And if the ill be­ thetically identifying one's self with another ill, beloved person. This devel­ opment of a disease or destructive pat­ tern through the sympathy—for—another mode of setting up the mental images is ex­ loved personDIES, then there is a highly strengthened intensity of the mental im­ age patterns created by the sympathiser, who endeavors, on the subconscious psychic level, to "continue" the life of the lost one, ILLNESS AND ALL!

The medical doctor, almost above any other person, often personally experiences the grim, deadly truth of the above state­ ment* Despitethedeephostilityofmany people toward the medical doctor, despite the establishedfact that somemedical doctors are insane, and that some are ruthless money-grabbers, THE BASIC REASON for a man becoming a marH r»al doctor is, DESIRE TO HEAL!

What happens is that the medical doc­ tor often becomes secretly disillusioned withcertainofhismethods, orwiththe methodsandattitudes ofhiscolleagues, and becomes hard, cynical, or the like, Those who do not, tend to IDENTIFY THEM­ SELVES with their patients. This is the reason why heart specialists, wspeclally the kind and good ones, mostly die of heart failure!

Sudden invasions ofkillerbacteria are not ordinarily the same thing as the slow development of heart disease, arter­ iosclerosis, arthritis, tuberculosis, stomachulcers, andallthehost ofin­ ternally generated diseases that may man- ifest themselves in worried, distressed individuals.

Diseases are not to be confused, or lumped all together. Each and every one is a different manifestation probably of some psychic pattern SOMEWHERE, but not necessarily of consciously created and duplicated mental image patterns,> One should never be guilty of "misidentifi­ cation".

Also, the ingestion of or contact with deadly poisons is again another entirely different type of negative event. One can see no conscious image—pattern system at work in this kind of tragedy.

Over-zealous proponents of some religious cults try to gloss over this sort of situation by glibly asserting that a poison is a poison only because mankind as "agreed" that it is a poison. This is a piece of Jackassery. In reality, a poison operates because it physically burns, sears, destroys tissue, or because it inhibits or blocks actions essential o the life of the organism that has come into contact with it. A sword cuts and rends, not by "agreement", but because the steel blade separates the parts of the