Volume 9, Issue 10, page 17

lating to modes of use of the
instrument in Scientology are
elements of misbranding. Misbranded instruments a r e subject to confiscation, no matter
who owns them.
(ED. NOTE -- This refers to a
statement by Ye Ed in a letter
to Volney that he would have
resisted seizure of his personal property (i.e. E-Meter)
had he been one of the victims
attending Hubbard classes.)
"I insure E l ectropsychometers for full price against
confiscation -- provided t h e
owner uses the instrument in
accordance with our methodology.
"I'm starting an action,
too -- a $500,000 damage suit
against The SAT. EVE. POST for
'misbranding' me as a 'Quack
Marriage Counselor' ; never a
dull moment.
"And here's an example of
how a politician can recognize
an unlicensed r eligious or
metaphysical fraud. Some time
back a patient came to me, a
42- year- old church janitor.
Reared in a Mennonite home.
Mennonite doctrine tends to
produce severe introversion
and this patient was so introverted he spoke in a barely
audible whisper. Finding no
help in his religion, he contacted a 'spiritual reader '.
She tithed him for 50% of his
measly $200-a-month salary as
a janitor -- $100 a month for
SEVEN YEARS. Total $8,400 to
bring him to a revelation of
great things he would be in
life. At this price you'd think
she might have thrown in a little physical consolation, but
she hadn't, merely reading
gibberish from some spiritual
book. I had great trouble getting the story out of him as
she'd repeatedly told him it
had to be all kept secret, that
if he ever disclosed anything,
'this will undo everything'.
This patient's first personalized tape was devoted mostly
to dehypnotizing this victim
of the spiritual reader's hypnotic grip on him. He hasn't
been back to see her since.
"Even a politician could
recognize this spiritual reader as a blood-sucking vampire
and a fraud." -- Volney G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- Yes, but how
about the religion protected
by "constitutional guarantees"
that messed up this janitor's
life in the first place, making
him ripe for plucking?)
"So Jesus is coming back?
Is he an old, wrinkled, feebleeyed man now?
"He was born a baby like us
and the same build-up of body
cells to the age of 32. Are we
MARCH, 1963
supposed to die young or what?
"I used to go to church and
sing, 'More like Jesus I will
ever be'. Now I am a feeble,
wrinkled, bald, toothless,
toneless, dull-eyed, fragile
old graybeard. Is that the Jesus who is coming back?
"Why don't we have a little
clarification on that?" -- A.B.
Pierson, Selma, Calif.
"When Arthur J. Burks was
out here last February or
March, Remi and I went to his
meeting, and papers were passed
around to us on which to ask
questions. Having no particular severe problems, I wondered what to write, and then,
as young Remi is in the Marines
and AJB is a former Marine,
and young R. since he was 7
has wanted to go to the moon,
I wrote, 'Will our son make it
to the moon?' When Mr. Burks
hit that one he hesitated, then
read it aloud, said, 'Why go to
the corner drug store when
there's a million dollar theater down town?' (At this point
I remembered we weren't supposed to ask for forecasts as
fortune telling is illegal.)
Then he added, with a strange
sort of violence, 'The answer
is YES!'
"Well, we had word from
young Remi about two weeks ago
that he has passed all the
tests to be an astronaut, and
is now in the astronaut pool
of some 200 plus young men --
and has about 8 months to make
up his mind whether he wants
to continue with this.
"Sort of interesting, no!"
-- I key Stone, Sierra Madre,
"I have been taking your
magazine for several months
and thoroly enjoy it ..~ Let me
assure you most emphatically
that nothing I have read has
in any way caused post-perusal
shock, nor have I been thrown
into a catatonic seizure. I
doubt very much if we are as
gullible as Mary Wales indicates in this month's (Jan. -
Feb.) issue.
"Also, dear friend, 'The
Justice' in your dream could
not hive possibly been a deceiver. The explanation is simple.
He appeared at the end of your
dream PLUS the fact that you
experienced a feeling of euphoria upon awakening. How
nice it must be to have everybody trying to analyze your
"May I go on record and say
that from personal experience
I have read 4,000 books and
KNOW all there is to know about
Metaphysics. That is of course
NOTHING. Also, these same 4,000
books told me all there is to
know about my soul. Another
zero." -- Thelma Ezard, Roseburg, Ore.
"Ancient scriptures give us
an accurate picture of Goddealing as practiced thruout
the ages. The Books of Moses
mention among other statutes
that one-tenth of the crop and
one-tenth of the cattle must
be 'given to God'; not directly
but into the hands of a priestly clan. The sacrifices were
roasted on the altar. God got
his share in smoke and the
priestly families ate the meat.
"Altho such arrangements
were intended forever (Numbers
18: 11) some 'Pharisees' interpreted animal sacrifice out of
existence and put the priests
out of business, thus paving
the way for a class of masters
and preachers who exacted a
monetary tithe (merely 10% of
your pay check). Some scholars
regard the priestly laws as
forgeries motivated by selfish
interests. In the last two
chapters of II Corinthians it
is described how priests convinced the young King Josiah
that they found a lost book of
the Bible prescribing many
tithes to be enforced by the
rulers. Josiah gave the priests
everything in order to secure
the blessings of their God but
their promises failed to materialize. Josiah was slain in
battle and his kingdom came
under foreign rule. Out of the
resentment of God-dealers grew
early Christianity. Early Esseneism condemned private property, thus: 'Woe unto you that
are rich' (Luke 6.24) in contrast to the Old Testament's
'Wealth and riches shall be in
his house' (Ps. 112: 3).
"When th e early church
abolished the Mosaic-laws, it
adopted new laws to discourage
any selfish motives in religious legislation. Those early
church laws were thrown out of
the Bible by the counter-revolutionary bishops at the Council of Nicea, but one such
apocryphal book was rediscovered in 1873, altho an orthodox bishop tried to suppress
its contents for 10 years. The
book became known as the Didache, or Teaching of the 12
Apostles, dating from the 2nd
"No wonder it was suppressed so many centuries; it teaches that the supreme authority
rests in t h e congregation:
'Therefore elect for yourselves bishops, humble men, not
covetous'. The book also mentions the practice of inspired
men (mediums or prophets). It
states that no medium may give
gain; if a medium orders a
meal to be prepared, he must