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MARCH, 1957 Re=
Vol. III, No. 10 Infin

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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infinite
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxe
who offer to sell him what he already has.
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THE GREATEST Apparently, the "indecent exposur
PARADOX MAN definition for Man to practice nudit
KNOWS IS MAN might read: "Man is concealing fences
an animal striving nothing of watchi
mightily to save that which he is mers in places o
trying just as mightily to des- and will laugh he
troy -- himself." graphic yarns and
And yet, in spite of all his Man will sans
wars, murders, plagues, and sui- gas chambers and
cides, he hasn't—until he dis- to uphold a law
covered how to split and fission illegal to kill.
an atom -- been able to make much Man will spen
3f a dent in the censused andun- "safety campaigns'
censused bloc of tax victims. Man spend a few cents
is still here, and even when his vehicle corrected
future starts looking pretty dim, Man gives huge
he'll probably find some way to es, spurious char
curb the bomb-thirsty gluttony of like to escape
the militarists, and stick around sums for the sup
awhile. But let us sum up some of ernment.
the weird things Man does to make Man accepts
life "interesting". braries, schools
Man (and women) will spend from the philant
huge fortunes on homes to shelter will spend his 1
him from heat and cold, and he ways to take none
will equip these homes with heat- thy and divide it
ing units and air conditioners -- would do nothing
yet he (and she) will swelter in Man will conde
the summer and shiver in the win- ter of policy, y
ter in clothing that is stylish statues and memo
and uncomfortable. dead, praise the
Man buys the best food he can story, and sneer
afford and pays large sums for at the "damn' pac
its preparation -- yet he will sist on being all,
over - stuff himself with spiced to their ideals.
poison, gorge himself on liquors Man considers
that make him dizzy, and permit that tells him
growers and manufacturers to poi- yet he will pay
son and adulterate that which he preters of this
eats until even the wild fowl and how he may gain
insects will have nothing to do by giving to th
with it. "business organi
Man will build huge reservoirs a tenth of all he
for the storing of water and pay man creates
large sums for filtering plants much of his lif
to aid in its purification—yet these gods as cre
will dump into these lakes great And, just for
quantities of fluorine, chlorine, add that man wil
and other deadly chemicals in the thing in the wor
belief it may help save the teeth pecially if he t
of a few children. Then, he will want him to do i
give these same children money some reason or ot
for stomach-destroying drinks so objection to bei
that they won't have to drink the species Man. In
"filthy stuff" that canes out of like it. Suppose
the taps. an H-bomb, with
Man will have a neighbor ar- with you except
rested for spanking his own child, morons?
yet he will buy expensive tickets a
to watch a professional fight, Those seeking
and scream that he has been "gyp- "unfit for child
ped" unless one or both of the admitting public
contestants comes from the ring children of thea
dripping with blood. they are unable
Man , i11 finn an,i imn,.i, f,,.. co ticfan*n,-r Auo,
r r
, yp b n gr l
THEY SAY IT'S In our socisent Voice of "The NOT LATE UNTIL ety, the careless
tes" for Earth, Mara, IT'S T00 LATE! driver is immune
n, Pluto, Venus, and from prosecution
dokumzruskehen. until after he kills someone. And
one is never legally a murderer
ruary and July- until the knife he plunges into
oma, U. s. A. your back goes deep enough to
U.S.A. cause your death.
s, 25? In other words, the world
seems inclined to accept with a
. R. 34.64 shrug the old jest: "It's never
).Scn., F.Scn., - too late until 2:00, and then
it's too late."
ETC. In few instances is this more
ness of man is sorely demonstrated than a states, or "experts" ment issued recently by the "educated" medical adviser to the A.
from issue to E. C. (Amentiated Earth Contamiis own and only nators) that 250.000 measurements
of radioactive fall-out show that
double if you the atomic a n d hydrogen bomb
30 days prior tests "have not YET reached disturbing levels in air, water, or
soil". Re suppose, for the Aube" those daring lic's protection, that these tests
V. even behind will continue until the point of
, yet he thinks "disturbance" has been reached.
ng naked perfor- And when this happens, who is
f entertainment, to decide who's going to stop
artily at porno- what? Suppose not all nations
literature, agree on what is the "disturbance
tion murder in point" -- and some continue playing
electric chairs with these lethal firecrackers
that says it is even after the "disturbance point
in air, water, and soil" has been
d huge sums for passed. Will this mean these con, yet refuse to trary nations will be blasted
to have his own with H-bombs until they see the
or adjusted, error of their ways? Of course,
sums to church- it is assumed that the bombs used
ities, and the for war won't add to the fall-out
paying smaller danger from tests—will not inort of his gov- crease or disturb the "disturbance point".
many of his li- It looks as if our use of two
, and hospitals bombs to show our might over a
hropic rich, yet defeated Japan has given us an
ifetime seeking armed bed-fellow we don't dare to
y from the weal- sleep with. CC
among those who LIRE IS ONE Adults are amazed
for him, lANG SIRING at children's abi 1mn war as a mat- OF ity to concoct queset will erect tions, for many of
rials to the war which there seems to be no ansm in song and wer. But what of the adult? Does
in condemnation he not continue this interrogaifists" who in- tion penchant with him right to
wed to live up the end? And would not most of
his questions, were there a wise
"holy" a book monitor above him, seem just as
he is immortal, ridiculous as a child's query:
homage to inter- "Papa, where does the light go
ook who tell him when it goes out?"
immortality only "Who is God?" Man asks. And
is interpreter's when he is told of "the Father
ation" at least within", he wonders. What is the
has, difference between "God" and "the
ods -- yet spends Father"? And if the *Father is
etime worshiping within", as some tell him, why is
ators of man, he not without, too. And where is
fun, we might "without"? Actually, where is
1 do almost any- "within"?
id FOR you, es- Crazy questions? We don't behinks you don't lieve so. We've asked them ourt. And yet, for selves. And still do. And some of
her, we have no the answers we've found in a very
ng part of the unusual manuscript, "Whispers of
fact, we really the God Within", written by Atria
you were merely Brant in ca-operation with Arthur
no one to play J. Burks, who needs no introduca few murderous tion to ABERREE readers. This
manuscript will be printed in The
ABERREE, starting with the April
to ban books as issue, after which it will be isen" are probably sued in book form. The amthors,
y that they have according to word just received,
r own over which have signed a contract for its
to exercise anv nub]ication. But we'll tell you