Letters to the Editor (continued)

static charge to crack forth lustrious name, thayou so mock.
ingly use for 'Nick's' name, will
ring hollowly with nothing daunted
but religious persons -of extremely
small worth. They are not responsible - you see. I'll tell you a
: secret Ysince it need go no farther
-.they are 'y me~ehinss,~r Were
they to act en® then
a gets past the hump , I which they do, 'old cause me
much trouble to repair then into

act that the reason it's " em I taking time to write
e yau of future che~nget Well, it is
a conceit of mine. wits private to
m machines too, that you unders the rude fundamentals of

" then, I an doing. A
what complete change from present
AD° and past to a vore constructive fahum. In the stead of snapping at
heel in oairpsw the hoat ofand
e. . . nine. I will- now lead them into
creativity. My created host I will
to aid as. You are ane numeral the host. Be then advised
of future change. I will tease it.
off "Feel not depressed at this
pprospect, for everything can be
blamed to me. Do so, I prey. Do
you then expect cue to arrive upon
you in the next twelve-month and
repair priearies. beellrnt
though are. I will put better
hi tieats atrist onetheir place -- and they are
sousing to me. in the sere instance
the aberrations of hatred as a tempest in a demitasse.
their ounds sand "Are you bitter at this disaovcry that yea are not yours, bat-AL
and na,- machine. simply rent and blanks as.

I canoed it so. There are larger
scopes them the dregs ina deaiand tastes. and larger tempests, too. --
Andrew J. Bagley. Tacoma. Wash.
point -- if not each, at least the

"This is lacking in the auditor
preclear relationship, and even in
the- .patient-psychologist associa
tion. It's the group affinity and

agreement that helps get it loosened 'up, Zven the button punching

helps under these conditions,
"But again, it's basically tre..

sting theptao, not the 'engrain'

(der si about the engrain, I real
ly mom) One of Eon's least un
derstood dissartatices was on the

Associative Restimulator. and its

relation to the Ally Computation.

"Thus while Opening Procedure

will indeed bring a person to pres
ent time and key-out somatios, that
is all it's doing, And here's some
thing that result: unexpectedly in
lexicon of discovery. I haven't heard mentioned d and
n't mention intentionally in r or ar
ticls -- it also keys-in, or rather

up for oration and wain
Mica, that illusive old gill-o'
the wisps basic..basic. And about

that time, 'time' runs out and ND.

fore itio'1 auOiting can be

had. it (basic-basic) goes into re
cassia). and lies there primed

and cocked, ready to ley back as

the associative restinulators in
the environment continue to charge

it up day by day until it has enf' -14

r .

p4/ +,rm~r

~~j --

~~ -
L essom Liv


A weekly series of

lessons to explain

all psychotherapies

and present studies .

of science and man.

Course . • in lddsw training devices on

loan, and a free

week of training

and consultation

upon payment of

only room and beard.

$50/year of 50

lessons. Time pay~
me is $10 down and

$8/month for five



Fairhope, Ala.

lightning and blast the preclear
of a technique is this
Does it 'cure' what ails the
do that
person in a fairly
sa baan that f-or people to really feel
crlose to breaking
~s have
ire reitimulator computation
em not attacking.
ove to affinity*
no resa difference. d I agree
that affinity is possibly the cmrible
can b
"Incidentally, aly, metaphor—and that is very a very
We that gramin ini group ou
for people in
their lives, and hatred of then.
salves for resesblirtg ting these vple in their ann act.
and thus find it possible to
re-evaluate and to re itnlate
to ratiocinate and .. more stagy.
ble Courses to follow in life. liberty , and .tbs salt of happiness.
"80. I am with you.-but not because religions emphasize love;
simply - because aff ini is very
rare and often st a little of it
s a long ..." -- Bob &rents,
Ctervillee Utah.
"A . Crasser Wag I never sees
But still I to see one:
So now I MST have A
Bo I won't and 133 one;
" disrespect is intended. So
make the most of it." -- Dean Callmen, Dallas, Texas.
"Hewing with my usual marner
the publications you edited this
twelve month peat . I !fief akr~sttg
sense of well being pervading ake.
I cause it so.
"Beldam. in my long and illustrious career. have I created a machine that has run so well. so
real-Iy, and so tme.ly. The imperfections I wired into you at the
beginning persist. I caused it so.
The. balance of seeing grood to offset the asinine and puerile illlogic persist in your writing as in
your daily life. The tubes. wires,
circuits, and nothing banks persist. I caused them, too.

Nit dear sir. after derv' me
so well, it were indeed cruel of we
mmuch ru~ t© o sseerrve me. ili
"But, at this stage , where most then suing Procedure ~efficient
starting tec i e.cThen ~ a he'll really go an the high they are truly infinite.
e+enfeel' , no think, or evaluate sam , t land in the associative lotion and b at of the as ally
terror charg your statement correlating
in which alI our abvrrat ions be bind. burn out for which helps es~ in turn
with a full head o steam. original mock-up form.
real-axd feel
or have faith as religion
bas -- is because when they g changing! caused it so.
refer~to to as 'the
Pie s there is
borne out by this effit.
s of
of like
~+e s atti "~` , iaseCre rT
always vo the gripers as well as
those who praise. It's refreshing
to look at the dichotoow. " -- The
Schaffers0 Long Beach, Cali?.
"punt hear a lot abo le,
to do t'=- nt ohs so t e,
ari, about results. testimonials,
case histories. etc. I'd think
someone would hit the jackpot -- or
do we just keep patting car quarters in " -- G.O.H. , Colorado Springs.
"Bare went to ke the 'Aberree'
coning my way. I like the fun
cour msg. One q~uueestion, tho., t
TIs so serious abat the H-bc nb! -
en Yogi says it can't hurt 7ou unless you b li a in it, anaren't
port ,
gom or ”...J. B. Bets, Bridgees ions.
"peep up the good news. I enjoy
everryy word of it. " -- Lannra &milton,
lliddletonn - Ohio*
"I am enclosing...three dollars
for The Aberree , which is a steel
consideri the quality and quantit of information in it. Also two
dollars for the BDR ins• "._
Gertrude Burns, San Antonio, Texas.
"As one of the more unclassified
Scientolo ists, I'm ad to see an
.,, ratr ¢' er woe 44%45
.e •reeH .k, onto b s w fir vss on. "cu -_ Glue okras