Volume 2, Issue 2, page 4

to be cause on all. eight dynamics, and
perfect physical health for the body.

Then why not destroy it? There is one
little catch about the destruction of the
MRM that sort of slows things down. It
just so happens that the MRM is YOU. Not
the body, not the thetan, but you as a
human being. When you are ready to give
up YOU as a lousy project in a boring
game, you are ready to put the ax to the
Destruction of the Master Reference
Mock-up is accomplished by MftM therapy.

Many thousands of words could be used to
evaluate as to why and how this therapy
works, but since anyone can try it and
decide for himself if it works, and how
or why it works, the many thousand words
can be dispensed with.

The goal of MRM therapy is threefold
and should be' kept in mind while doing
this therapy. The parts of the goal are:
(1) Destruction of the Master Reference
Mock-up; (2) The ability to free the body
from all controls of the thetan; (3) The
ability to be cause for everything and

NIRM therapy recognizes only one problem. All beings and all things in all
universes should be regarded as unimportant trivia. The one and sole problem of
importance is YOU IN PRESENT TIME. .

MRM therapy is simple to communicate
but not so easy to do. The therapy is
MUSCLES RELAXED. Shortly after doing
this you will find yourself in "Aberration Alley". This is a tortuous place
where pieces of incidents are run with
all somatics. There are itching and burning sensations which shift around to different parts of the body and sometimes,
especially when first starting, the pain
in certain parts becomes too intense to
bear. In this latter case, the pain may
be shut off by moving. The immediate regret which follows the act of shutting
off the pain is silly, as the part of the
pain you didn't run is still there and
will show up .at some unimportant future

All phenomena of all therapies is
present in NRN processing. There is the
depressing sadness at the loss of allies,
the feeling that something is terribly
wrong when a new concept is coming up,
the strong feeling of fear that you are
doing something terribly wrong and will
be inevitably y punished for it, the idea
i Max. 1955
that death is just around the corner and
you had better stop now while you are
still alive, etc. Far overbalancing this,
there is a steady flow of new concepts,
increasing knowingness, and increasing
freedom as the single-bsingness of the
Master Reference Mockup is destroyed.

Remember, YOU IN PRESENT TIM is the
only problem allowable in