Volume 2, Issue 2, page 15

The ABERREE Ma 1955
Australia to mock up a conference,
ics when there were good
things to report), and got
him attention from reporters on his arrival in New
York. All of which seems to
have put HASI in a spin. A
spokesman for the organization, quoted in the REPUBLIC, stated that this must
be 'another Horner -- they
never heard of the guy. A
subsequent article the next
day on Page 2 (with pictures of Horner and Hiss
Kirk) carried a statement
by LRH that Horner really
belonged in California (a
place in the United States
where LRH locates things he
doesn't approve of), and
added that his (Horner's)
duties in London had been
terminated two weeks previously. On the third day,
the receptionist at 616 N.

Third Street told reporters
that no one was available
for further comment.