Blooms & Barbs (continued); HASI Lays Another DEDEX

ics when there were good things to report), and got him attention from reporters on his arrival in New York. All of which seems to have pat HAS! in a spin. A spokesman for the organization quoted in the REPUBLIC, stated that this must be another Homer—they never heard of the guy. A subsequent article the next day on Page 2 (with pictures of Homer and Miss Kirk) carried a statement by LRH that Horner really belonged in California (a place in the United States where LRH locates things he doesn't approve of), and added that his (Horner's) duties in London had been terminated two weeks previously. On the third day, the receptionist at 616 N. Third Street told reporters that no one was available for further comment.

While your reporter and those from the local newspapers are waiting for things to become less complicated, our usually reliable sources inform us that L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (Nibs) will be thrust into the breech created by Homer's return home.."Nibs" was reported to be arranging to obtain a visa in Washington to speed his departure to the scene of the crisis.

The oft-fired mainstay of the HASI recording department, James F. Pinkham, finally made it the other day. He is now working for a local radio company. The June Conference, set for June 3 to 6, won't be the same without the versatile Pinkham (with or without his masks) at the controls in the recording alcove. A bloom to Jim for services above and beyond the call of duty.

John and Tucker Farrell, in Phoenix again last week, are reported en route to
Australia to mock up a conference.

Two radio-active staff members of the HASI recently staked an uranium claim on Phoenix's South Mountain, one of the 485 claims filed in practically mineral-free Maricopa County in March—all of them, according to the A.E.C., probably based on high geiger readings due to fall-out from the continuing Nevada tests.

As Jim Struckmeyer was heard to comment: ”It's going to be a brisk spring in Phoenix”*


For the information of those who've been branded "psychotics" (readers of BDR, The ABERREE, DIANOTES, and other "wildcat" publications), we wish to refute an article on Page 3 of ABILITY MINOR HI.

To begin, The ABERREE is no more "wildcat" than the advertising pamphlet that the HASI puts out under a variety of changing aliases. Second, readers who pay $2 a year for The ABERREE are no more psychotic than those who pay $8.50 to $25 a year for a deifying amateur publication.

As for the last paragraph in the item "Aberee —You Said It", Alphia Hart is NOT a "kicked out" employee of the HASI, nor was he in fact ever even an employee of this organization. However, he did resign as president of the old HAS he helped organize in Phoenix following an argument over whether he would or would not print a libelous attack on persons branded "squirrels" in the defunct Journal of SCIENTOLOGY, and the only "fleeing" he did was to Philadelphia, after the Phoenix office was closed, for a review of the Doctorate Course—and from Philadelphia, he "fled" back to his home in Phoenix. A year later, this "fugitive" paid $800 to take the so-called Clinical Course, using money obtained from the sale
of bonds which had been accumulated during more than nine years with the U.S. Air Force.

As for the ”incorrect accounting” that the CECS might discover, in case it dares "look", it will be found that the HAS was in debt to its manager almost $2,000 when the Phoenix office closed, and that most of this was written off to save the HAS from early demise and bankruptcy*
Any of these statements can be supported by documentary evidence—and will be in case there should be any ”lowering the boom”* Because Mr, Hubbard is, apparently, so forgetful, we have sent him the following polite reminder:

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard
1017 North Third Street
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Sir:

An article on Page 3 of ABILITY MINOR III has just been called to my attention* and I demand that you print a retraction of all the char-end innuendos therein in your available issue*
Ho one knows better than you that every word is this story is completely false. And, since I preserved records of all financial transactions during my term as president of the HAS, the falsity of these statements can be documentarily proven.

It’s pretty low toned when you try to make a criminal of someone who sacrificed as much in time, energy, and money as I did for you and the Hubbard Association of Scientologists. Had you not sold Scientology down the river in order to build up a glorified kingdom for yourself, you still would find me one of your strongest support era. It isn’t Scientology I've been writing about in The ABERREE; it's the absence of it, as practiced by the HASI under your direction.

Signed (A. HART, D.D., D. Scn., HDA, B.Scn., HCA, F.Scn., I-2)

It isn't getting caught in a lie that hurts, it's the consequences.