Auditors Refuse To Sign Latest $25,000 Note, Training Plan

to this, but it's only a description of
what optimum living can be -- and that's
about all you're going to achieve on this
or any other planet. An individual feels
as free as he feels safe, and the wider
the margin of safety around that indivi&
ual, the wider his margin of sanity. If
he is safe, then he is .not afraid-.and
fear -- his consideration of fear -- is the
only thing that is wrong with anyone.

When you can strip man of his fear,
and widen his margin of safety to, engulf
the entire planet, you will have a very
sane human being. He's safe, he feels,
around anything he can own, and mankind
is not going to own anything :fit .doesn't
like. He is willing to own and take responsibility for the things that he likes
and loves -- -for the things he doesn't
fear. So getting rid of the body because
it is distasteful isn't the way out -- especial .y if he isn't free with it, doesn't feel safe with it, and doesn't like
it. Not until he can own it, can take
responsibility for it, and can use it can
he feel safe with it.

It'll help a lot if he has less unkind, hateful messages on the slips of
paper (thoughts) in the environment surrounding him.

Auditors Refuse To Sign Latest $25,000 Note, Training Plan

Memorandum to Phoenix:
If you need more of those
contracts you are asking
Clinical Course graduates
to sign, giving them the
privilege of training in
the field to the HDA and
HCA level, we have a large
supply available at the offlee of The AVi. Since
they are of no value to us,
we might consider shipping
them to you at the cost of
postage, or in return for
the books, medallion, etc.,
for which we paid and are
unable to get delivery.

To the field, which may
wonder why. these contracts
should be in our hands instead of the stuff we paid
for, we hasten to advise
that this is not a shipping
.error on the part of some
HASI employee. Being clear,
we understand, such errors
are improbable, even if not

No, these contracts are
being sent us by graduates
of the Clinical Course who,
unwilling to sign a promissory note for $25,000 in
A total of 82 persons
attended the four-day
Congress held in Detroit
March 31 to April 3, according to a report from
Gerald Slater.

This Congress was a
duplicate of the. New York
Congress held in early
February, using the lecture and processing tapes
made by L. Ron Hubbard at
the Phoenix Congress in
December. It was sponsored by the Church of
American Science of Michigan.
order to enjoy this privilege, are forwarding the
bundle of contracts, explanations, notes, etc., to us
for our "amazement and amusement", as they put it.

Last month, we reported
how auditors were being
asked to sign a $5,00O note
in order to audit under the
auspices of