Volume 2, Issue 2, page 16

16 The ABERREE, 14ay e 1955 - .
meter. "laving bought a $400 one on
LW's xeoonmendation last April a I
do not see ~r reason to throw it
away before I have used it a year
or even finished paying for ito I
can process just as well without
it, but I all a Ibang njoy playing
out of us
it i wiith
the probe needle Yesterday I had
a pc who led in energy at such a
rate that twice she caused a distinct and prolonged tinkle in the
aster.-somewhat to my. alarms! I
thought she was fusing it out'. per.
s, This has not happened to as
boe ore. She is the second exteriorised who has at my direction
swung the needle beAr and forth
while the body was Vim on the
coucht eyes closed. -- Stone.

Pasadena, Calif.
"A very interesting development
has taken place in SouthernCalifonds. Janina Walsh has talked the
editor of SPAYS into the ides
of at~ting a Dianetio4cientolow
umga~ra1-lall s for atrti hees ~b~ve
to be written so that the ava
reader can understand them. e
language used should be as much. L.
gAsh- rather than dienese or eamess as possible. To -biel` make a
rialy~ good publication of this*
something that the general public
will buy (if after three issues if
doesn't etch' on it will be disoonti med I would appreciate it if
yau would publish in The AM= an
appeal to all good practicing Dien
ne icists and Scientologists who
con write to write us up- and sand
us at once, an article or two. Material should be factual , as simply
explained as possible. as interesting as possible. Past lives, for
le , are 'mkt if well
writ en and explaine. in terns of
what they have done to the preclear. mould suggest that prospective writers take a look at TAU
and even MYSTIC to get an idea of
the kind of appeal, . wanted. (The
style can always be better.) Articles should be sent tom at 2663
Foothill Blvd.. Pasadena Calif.
'tea ctive subscribers may also send , which will be kept in
trust until this magazine is or is
not published. Ifit should flop*
all subscriptions will be returned.
"As I uaaalerstaaad it, there will
be no payment for articles for the
first ~e issues; after that. .
at 'regular rates!, whatever that
be the 010
[~(-This ubl cation idea may
BIG o}tun to get Dien..
etic ~d ientol above the
newsletter assa.. -S. iu writers
who once have beet la. or
oe , - or se your
ents up n time''We are getting fine results
here with peso I still use my 'I wish I had time and space to
tell you the really fabulous resuits I'm gett in oup p~ rocesst I'm t~f nish the first
six weeks' program of 1955. Have
four grave (Tuesday and Friday
nights MD end Wednesday pin& Sund afternoons at 2 p.m.) Zile
hael me and is fast losing inters
este in insurance and invei ts.N
..,)bary Adams. Kansas City. Mo.

"I'm aeodit , .a 'Spare' time
and still testing s
Hubbard oontirnes to blish. Been
working with' some of the members of
the ' arch of American Science'
here in Chicago. And I'm still
getting people who aan ran fares..*
"Very interesting which I recently used. Run out
comssmnication lag on 'What will you.
be willing to cause on isms date
in the immediate future)?
"I'm specifically interested in
processing le who want to experiment with the new tecbnigaes,
who are willing to be cause on the
group level . cad who will work with
others. or with groups* after they
have been processed...
"I'm quite sure all pertian
is on a use level. The individual either must cause it , or be
willing to cause it . before he can
perceive it,.