Dear Editor

"A very interesting development has taken place in Southern California* Joanna Walsh has talked the editor of SPACWttS into the idea of atteacpting a Dianetie-8cientolo-gaslne for the general public*
icles would have
firturally all art; to be written so that the average reader oan understand them* The language used should be as much English* rather than dienese or sci-enese« as possible* To help make a really good publioation of this* something that the general public will bey (if after three issues if doesn't catch on it will be discontinued) I would appreciate it if you would publish in The irtkhhll an appeal to all good practicing Dia-neticists and Scientologists who can write to write us up * and send us at once, an article or two* Material should he factual * as simply explained as possible. as interesting as possible*
example, written i
siy good if well Lamed in terms of
feat lives* for
are veil and expli
what -clear, pective
and even MYSTIC to get an idea of the kind of appeal wanted* (The style can always be better*) Articles should be sent to me at 2663 foothill HLvd. , Pasadena 8t Calif* "Prospective subscribers may also send >2' which will be kept in trust until this magazine is or is not published* If It should flop* all subscriptions will be returned* "As I understand it, there will be no payment for articles for the first three issues; after t>&t* pay at * regular rates *, whatever that
etics and Scientology above the newsletter class* Sir* you writers who once may have been Shelley * or Poe#, or DeMaupaussantA bring your talents up to present time* *
"We are getting fine results here with pcs* I still use ay X--
metero Having bought a one on LHH's recommendation last April# I do not see any reason to throw it away before I have used it a year or even finished paying for it* I can process just as well without it# but I get a bang out of using
playing vit| esterdey I had ne wno pulled in energy at such a rate that twice she caused a distinct and prolonged tinkle in the meter*— somewhat to ny alarm o I
it (especially enjoy the probe needle)* T< a pc who pulled in eaou
orized pc who has at ny direction swung the needle back and forth while the body was lying on the couch* eyes closed**^-Xkey Stone# Pasadena* Calif*
"I wish 1 had time and apace to tell you the really fabulous results I'm getting in group processing! I'm just finishing the first cs9 program ofI955* fere
sis weeks9 program of 1955* Have feur groups (Tuesday and Friday nights 7*30 and Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at 2 p*m«) Wile helps me and is fast losing interest in insurance and investments*
City* H>*

"I'm auditing in my 'spare1 time still testing the techs
to ;
the 'Church of American Science1
publ ‘
with some of the members of
Hubbard centimes to publish* wor]
here in Chicago* And I'm still getting people who can run futures* * •
"Very interesting technique which I recently used* Bun out the communication lag on 'What will you be willing to cause on (some date in the immediate future) t1
"I'm specifically interested in processing people who want to experiment with the new techniques # who are willing to be cause on the group level. end who will work with others * or with groups > after they have been processed* ••
"I'm quite sure all perception is on & cause level. The individual either must cause it* or be willing to cause it* before be can perceive it***
"Are you familiar with the techniques of Toga * and can you run a comparison with 'Scientology' and
WE OF the Church believe t "That all men have inalienable rights to think freely# to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others e"
—From the Creed of the Church of Scientology0
Toga? Seems to me that there are many similarities * and very few differences*" -= Harold Schroeppel# Chicago*
*1 don't know what the 9significance behind9 the super-ego described by Coulter**.but 1 know that I have very definite ideas on the subject*
"The super-ego is not the thet-an» as suggested in the title* it is saint, sinner and body pilot on an 'automatic' basis* It is not the entity which stands off and makes decisions* it is the accumulation of those decisions; of the postulates established and turned \ oneself as a pattern for lii
a petti indeed

"It is indeed one** for control and resistance* trois mostly accepted from parents^ and other agents of society* Be- ^ mostly
adopted In revolt their pressures and mostly , patterned on theirs* All of it y ritualised according to the customs; of aforesaid society*
"Thus it becomes a structure of the iamlaats restimalated since the * beginning of one's life* 1 care not* whether they were implanted 'this life' or 'whole tract'—that preceding statement still stands*
"The super-ego (a super-imposition upon the self) is what would be described in Scientological terms as an entity (or group of entities) and in IHanetics as a group of va-t lence dramatisations* but as I un->* derstand it» Sr* Coulter is merely suamarising and presenting Freud's ideas* • •
"The most fcnortant (significance)mentioned by Art was that these control and resistance mechanisms be analysed objectively and
honestl ^without pretense or avoid-
underlines that statement and I suspect that it is the takeoff point and his target in his development of Analytical Procedure* "Incidentally, alsot-he tells ms 'Analytical Procedure is not a codification of straight-wire* it has nothing to do with straight-wire.It is basically a present time approach. *
"It is possible I've been usi too Indus ive a def init ion straight-wire*
" * * * Intensive Procedure has a built-in guarantee that any auditor who follows it will not use SOP 8-C Cttfe unless He himself is in pretty fair comounioat ion. liro-wy communication is defined to mean that the pre-clear can not only give satisfactory answers but can get satisfactory responses from the auditor*
"I like ABILITY, so far. There traces of the fine hand that t the HEBF Bulletin on such a
high level*
"I haven't been through the new axioms
they’re a Amsbury, I
thoroughly but so far*
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Gel if.

"Is there any truth in the rumor that the tans are stuck in the Geological Age of Minerals (gold* slL-