Volume 8, Issue 6, page 4


"C S ill tell you that the mind of
TTRET,otw conceive anything abouttbe ltm-
its of the universe. It isn't so! I h~ve
compiled more than 30"factsof challenging
science. If you study these carefully, y?u
may begin to realize that outer space is
substance, and the outer limits of the universe
may be surrounded by a void, possibly what we
call matter, and beyond that possibly empty
space. The space surrounding the planets is
not empty space; it is full of substance.

My mind tells me that the universe is in the shape of a Sphere -
a ball of substancepossibly surrounded by a
void. Since man will never be able to travel that far, let,us not
worry about what there is beyond the outer void.
Let.us try to get the most out of life on the inner void.

If you are a thinker, these 31 challenges to science can
entertain you for a long time, depending on how much
knowledge you possess

These data may help to solve the mysteries oi gravitation. Like
every new idea, it is hard to tell where these facts
may lead. For one thing, they postulate the existence of an
ether, which has been a controversial subject of

These facts will open doors to knowledge about the mysteries of
life. What do you find wrong with them?

1. All things consist of one substance in motion occupying space.

Everything created is made out of one substance. Within the
universe, there is only space. substance, and

2. A void is empty space.

Space alone is a void. Space can exist by itself. Space has only
three dimensions when it exists within
substance. There are no more than three dimensions in empty space.

3. Substance occupies space.

Substance has only three dimensions. Time is not a dimension.
Time is a measure of motion.

4. Motion is the movement of substance.

There can be no motion without substance. Substance
occupiesspace. All tbingsare formed by the motion of
substance. Substance is invisible. Only the void content in
things is visible.

5. Energy is the notion of substance.

6. Light is energy.

Light can be converted into energythat will operate electrical or
mechanical equipment.

7. Lifht is the notion of substance.

Most ikely wave motion, but definitely not the radiation of
particles because that would mean that stars would
evaporate in time. Astar that would fill the universe with light
for thousands of light years with particles of itself
would eventually cease to exist. if substance is incompressible,
then the speed of light in outer space could be
almost instantaneous, depending on the purity of the substance
in-outer space.

8. Electricity is the notion of substance.

We regard electricity as energy. Energy is the motion of
substance because there can be


no motion, and consequently no energy, without substance.

9. Lifht cannot tenet-rate a void.

This s because ight is the motion'of substance, and there is no
substance in a void. This fact is based onthe wave
theory of light.

10. A vacuum is not a void.

A void is empty space. Light can penetrate a vacuum, but it
cannot penetrate a void. If a "particle" of light
entered a void it would no longer be a void nor would the light
be visible while surrounded by void.

11. A vacuum is space without gases.

A perfect vacuum would be pure substance.

12. Outer space is mostly substance.

But not a perfect vacuum because there are gases and particles of
matter in outer space. The tails of comets give
evidence of this.

13. Matter is mostly void.

Matter is formed out of nothing by the motion of substance.
Matter is mostly void; that is how something can
be made out of nothing.

14. A void is absolute darkness.

Matter is mostly void because matter interferes w i t h the free
passage of I i ght. The greater the void content in
matter, the higher the frequency of light required to penetrate
the matter.

15. Darkness is the absence ol light.

Absolute darkness is avoid of absolute zero temperature.

16. A void is absolute zero temperature.

Neither heat nor light can exist within space at absolute zero

17. The greater the content of substance in matter, the reater
the resistance to the flow
of electrical current.

The pressure of substance canpush substance thru a void without
resistance, so resistance must be the result of
the flow of substance acting against substance. Therefore, the
greater the amount of substance in the path of the
flow of substance, the greater the resistance to the flow of

18. Our-rent is electrical flow.

Th~ flow of substance in an electrical circuit is called current

19. Voltle is electrical pressure.

Voltage is the pressure of substance in an electrical circuit.

20. Magnetism is the notion of substance in a fixed orbit.

A guess. An attempt to explain magnetism.

21 Life is electricity.

Liie is electrical energy. Life is generated by the union of
oxygen and
hydrogen within the physical body.

22. Life is generated by the union of oxygen and hydrogen within
the human body.

23. The material body is composed mainly of oxygen, hydrogen,
nitrogen carbon.

24. Air supplies the ph~sical material body with oxygen and ni
tro en.

25. Food supol iesg t h e Physical material body with hydrogen
and carbon.

Food supplies the body with hydrogen and carbon. but what the
masses do not
know is tkat the gases called wind generated by the decomposition
of feces
are beneficial to mental and physical health.

26. Intestinal gases are beneficial to life and health.

27. Sexual fluids serve to decompose feces.

The ancients recognized the importance of retaining and
transmuting the
sexual fluid to maintain health and prolong life.

28. Dissipation of sexual fluids leads to disease and death.