Volume 2, Issue 2, page 10

This is the British edition
of a "Handbook for Auditors" that Was promised to
U. S. Scientologists immediately after the June, 1954,
Congres** Although not
leather'covered, the book
is of a size that permits
of easy use, and the auditor will find it an excellent replacement - f or the
probable sheaf of notes. he
has gathered on various
techniques and processes
over the last two years.

Several of the chapters,
such as "This Is Scientology", are lifted from issues
of the defunct Journal, but
these are 'so important that
they are worthy of frequent
review -- whether for selfhelp or in the processing
of others. "The Factors"
and SOP 8 and SOP 8-C are
given in detail, together
with the intervening Appendices.

Use of this Handbook,
together with the Group Auditor's Handbooks, is believed all that is necessary for the auditor to use
in his processing of preclears 0 This makes it one
of the most valuable books
yet issued by the H.A.S.I.

SIX POEMS by Edward Fuller,
Balcombe, Sussex, England. These poems, taking
up 16 pages, cover in a few
short lines of blank verse
almost the complete concept
The ABERREE, May-, 1955
of Scientology-9 lacking only the elaboration and the
But were one to understand fully all that is
contained in these six
brief poems, he would need
no elaboration or techniques, but could formulate
his own. -- if he needed them.

The booklet, nicely
printed and in limp cover,
sells for $1.50 when ordered direct from the author.

MEMORY. Published by the
"Staff" of HnmRn Engineering, Inc., Fairhope, Ala.

Although the pronoun "I"'is
used quite often, there is
no single author named.

This 24-page, mimeoraphed booklet tells how
the "author" began his researches into memory -- and
all mental phenomena, for
that matter