Letters to the Editor (continued)

for the same on? I've had this
criticism before, In facts. I've
been called a scoundrel, a devil.
and have also been compared with
G.B.S. and have been told to be
50 years ahead of the times.
"Well, looking b a c k I'm ashamed
of some of my stuff.
"If I didn't have something new
or at least different. I'd it
right nori. There are enough writers
swim the same thing aver and over
in different words.
"'But, as you say, if we can be
thought provoking and provoke let.ter writing, it should do us all
some good... I hope my stuff re..
fleets the principle I am trying to
It should be neither
prose. Like a mackerel
ski, expect the weather to be
neitheet .nor . I'm not re..
tends to have dwane anything_ Abut
learn to read -- a little." -- Philip
Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"Received -our reply and the
books. lkven t had time to really
study them. Although both are extremely simple and easy to understand, the coucepts are very vast
in scope and sareeping in concept.
...Notes on the Clinical, Course is
certainly the most valuable Rub
book I have. I value it at I
the cost of the course...
"I thought the Itectrapsychameter was obsolete? The $ASI says
so. I bought one before it was cast
out. A friend of mine suggested
hooking the probes to an oscilloscope. Sounds 1 ike a wonderful research idea...A scope will give the
wave foam (if arty) and not just en
intensity read in . "A-Russel Wore
thy, Milwaukee, Wis.
"The book is done...and should
be available soon...This is a pre1 iminery edition. There are a num.
ber of minor inconsistencies -- such
as a reference to a glossary which
isn't there. I do intend to make
a glossary in one of the 'Technical
Reports' series being put out by
Don Marcell.
"This has been designed as a
text for use in Project Nucleus and
is semi-technical. It is a, basic
reference to answer the question,
'W at is Synergeticst' It will nvt
satisfy those who are looking for a
'popular book', that will come later.
"Right nor, we are interested in
?leering al 1 self- irwal idat ions
Ws) and protodynes in every
member of Project Nucleus. and in de..
'eloping synergic terms, What we
will be like without SI's and protodynes we do not knc. ; but it is a
simple, clear-cut objective end I
think an achievable one.
9ef init ion: A self-invalidation
is a turn-off of' the creative evolution of an individual.
"Definition; A prot .vme is a
sequence of es. linkage is
an associat w out discrimination or awareness. A protodyne is
not a recor4ing.., record ing pf the
protodyne xs mae area can be ran
pum, but it doesn't affect the proI•ne.
`Analytical Procedure end Group
The ABER,EE, May, 1955
Tinseling are very much a part of
eretics. A number of improvemeats have been added, reported on
for the first time in this book...
"I'd like to make two points
"Synergetics belongs to peo~ le.

It is based on faith in the naividual and the parer of the idea of
synerr I believe that everyone
can learn to coach. and that it
should be made as coon a kill as
simple carpentry or cooking or driving a car...I don t think process..
ing for a fee is wrong; there always will be people so badly off
they have to have such help. But
why pm- out the sheckels if you can
do it yourself, with the help of
"I am very much opposed to any
sort oi'' onenn rule' and em taking
measures to...give other .~'•x=sere
room in the leadership.... Connell on Synergetics, consisting of
Don Purcell Bill MoGul l , Ernie

Pope, Wayne Batteau, Gene Baranberg. and myself... is an informal
and unofficial group for ' thinkwork' on = •erga ins.
"The y claim I make for 8ynergetics is this: When these tools
are used with intelligence and precision, syne is generated and
dysergy is re need. I personally
get akick out of using them, and
as far as I am concerned it wouldn't matter to me if nobody else in
the world did. It's not my loss.
"Bat I also have a concern: as
the COakers say about the H-bomb,
et al. It's a simple matter of arithmetic to figure out that if man
maintains his xisting political
institutians,and habits of thought,
sooner or later we'll be in for an
atomic holocaust.
"The basic problem here is that
men do not understand themselves
and one another. A basic problem
requires a basic solution. Therefore, it was necessary to create
"We need all the help we can
get. There are illions of things to
e done, and too fear to do them. I
sincerely hope ou will be able to
join us. e Art Coulter, MD.. 140,
Worthington. Ohio.

"I returned from Phoenix in January and set up practice here in
Brooklyn at the above address (Hotel Granada). Things are rogressto my sy satisfaction thus far.

Scientology is producing wonderful
results and the word is spreading.

I am pleased to do what I can.
"...From the 'Letters to the Editori column every issue, you must
have quite a subscription list,
(Ed. Note -- Not yet a million.) I
particularly like the news items
and the letters you print. Keep up
the good work.:....
"If all is well, I'll see you in
Phoenix an J'ar probebl_ y. "4-Stanley
Strcmfield; Brooklyn, . T.

"If the Chat deans knocked anat
the vowels i their record ~..
(Phil friedman so that posteri
would have to .hink to recover wha
they had - would you say that the
between-lives wipe-art was similarly used so tbat whatever scramble
could be recovered would be sure to
,fie senseti'..:C'« Iler,' lawport ,
"'Hoy, you inconsistent ousel
First you saar that yau can only
feel the emotion you pit it for
the a~p ross Be of feel back
-- end that ' + s ° IB G0IIG TO HAP
PEN. Then you write a diatribe
about the Mamie loer y Camaiasion,
and the tests in Nevada. Seek,
ain't yon just putting out those
blasts to feel thea back! Toll, itch!
Here yau are, still trying to blame
it on the AEC when by your own postulate, nothing can happen :unless
you it it there to
"It has dane as qn tea bit of
good to 'chatllea>ge' on the subjects
under discussion because it has
clarified ay thinking and also my
understanding of • .. viewpoints.

You see, nevergett 4- tot dawn
fora bull session. ,-, isa limit to how much eatefluat ^sterial
I get by osmosis from bo The Aberree and your letters. Reviewer.
ing up specific trends that
aunt fully comprehend. and in a
7 forcing you to 'defend' them
'defense' is not a true
category) I data that I need to
correlate with. For instance, you
have mentioned The Inf inites often
enough, sometimes jokingly, and I
thought of it mostly as a sort of
f anthill theta-clear program.

I'm sure that very few of your
readers. really mkt that infinite
-- bat I do; you clari-.
ffled It brilliantly in this letter
and ,, ,. you've said the same
things ' ore. in other contexts,
this time I saw it in the right
juxtaposition with correlative data
and realize what you have in mind.
"I had previously sensed the
parallels to be found in Emerson,
and one of my biggest discppointmeats in dianetics was failure to
'sell' it to an old friend of mine
who has been an Tierson fan for
years. He just couldn't see the
"Near, about opening Procedure•-I
agree that it's not an optimum pro..

Less. But I second Hubbard declarations that this is -- just that* the
ideal opening wedge. It has the
same dead-end that dianetics and
pills and surgery has -- it treats
symptoms, not causes. Changes sympathy exciters rather than eliminates the need for wa-thy. And
why -- ? Well, I suspecat perhaps
the reason that some institutional
psychotherapists are getting such
wonderful results with their group
therapy is that when proa get ten
similar men or women in a group.
and they gain confidence in a aireater to a point where they, are
willing to ~j1. tair _guts and get
it out of tair stem, the real
catalyst is the group viewpoint and
agreement -- as each- in turn :gets
stirred the 'confessions of
the others until he realizes that
he is not unique and that he can
hhimd end ac who will mahis vii