Volume 2, Issue 2, page 7

....The ABiERREE, 1955 7
as ~u~des
ERSON$,in Scientology have a all time and it is no time. It is the
word called "theta", whi.ch, only real and true static.
in Greek, ' means "thought". Theta is a thought; You might be able
This, in ,speaking of the to call that a static because it will ex,"person", has been altered ist through all time and can exist through
to "thetan", which, I sup all spaces. Where thought is, I don't
pose, also, means "a thought". yet know. Maybe people pick up thoughts
When they ask a person to be out of the atmosphere, or out of theiis
three feet back of his head, they're nee- heads -- but wherever they may be Ideated
essarily asking him to put a thought or not located, people pick.up thoughts.
three feet back of his head . What Life source, being something that is
thought? And does it matter? Might not good, knowing only good, considering only
one put the thought, "The car's running good, and thinking only good, started out
over me", three feet back of his head, good. His first error was when man deciand he would BE three feet back of his ded he was wrong because someone else
head WITH the thought? thought differently than he -- and that the
We're not concerned with the thought -- one with the different thought must be
or the thetan, as it has been called. right. That started him on a dwindling
We're concerned with WHAT MAKES THE spiral.

THOUGHT. What created that thought? And You process a person toward getting
where did it come from? That-.-the maker goals for himself. . He creates the goals
of the thought -- is you, NOT the thought with thought -- but what does he create the
itselfo thought with? He, himself, alone, creAs itseems to have fallen in place in ates the thought. He can pick them up,
processing, and in looking at the proa- he can create them,. and he can destroy
essing as it is done, we find that man them -- for himself.
(we're 'getting back into some of the old Apparently, every thought that ever
writings now) himself, IS a living soul. has been thought in this world or any
He is not a thetan (a thought), and he is other universe still exists -- and what
not broken off from a theta (thought) little bit of life source that exists in
pool. As long as man is breathing, he this planetary system picks them up and
doesn't HAVE a living soul; he IS ones As doesn't know what to do with them. It's
long as he has a body that's breathing, like taking the planet Earth, filling its
he thinks with that body and uses it. How surrounding atmosphere with tabs of paper
does he use that body? And what is the with words on them, and sending someone
thing in between that makes him use a scrambling through them. He'd pick one
body? Why did he decide to take on a up, look at it, pick up another, look at
body and use it? What is his connection it, and so on. And that's about the way
with the body? Now, we get down to mankind does. He thinks he wants to surthought. vive on this planet, and in making this
The only reason he ever would use a decision, begins to pick up thoughts,
body would be because he wanted to do just about that random. This has been
something in one particular place -- and proven by the fact that a pre-clear' can
the body certainly can be in one partic- pick up thoughts of another person -- eithular place at a time. That's about the er in present time or in past time. For
only thing it can be.-locatable. Life is example: A person can walk into a room,
not impinged on anything because there is someone looks at him oddly, and he thinks
nothing for life to impinge on. Life does little about it. A week later, if somenot act ON anything; it is all through it, one asks: "What was So-and-so thinking
around it, EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE. it is when you walked into the room the other