Volume 2, Issue 2, page 3

The ABERREE, May, 1955 3
oure a
getty Lousy Project
HE MASTER Reference Mock-up,
or "MRM" as we shall call
it, is a product of the thetan, and is his solution of
who, what, and how to BE.

As someone else has mentioned, he does, definitely,
not want to be "nothing" in
this universe as every time he has become
nothing, he has lost a body, and, so he
thought, lost recognition as a part of
the NEST Universe which he had been led
to believe is all there is.

The MRM is the mock.-up of a complete
lifetime -- character, personality, and beingness -- which the thetan inflicts on a
body for the lifetime of that body. The
MRM is constructed very early in the
lifetime of the body from data gathered
from the body and the people on whom the
body depends, or seems to depend, for
continued life.

Who the body is to be, what it is to
be, and how it is to be this "Who" and
"What", seems very vital to the thetan as
the alternative of having a free choice
about the matter seems to be...nothingness. This is a plain case of over-responsibility on the part of the thetan. He
built this MRM because he had forgotten
that his beingness in the MEST Universe
depends solely on the ability of others
to mock him up, and what they mock him up
as bears little relation to the MRM char.acter he thinks he is. In spite of all
the bodies he has taken over, slowly
killed off, and left, he persists in forgetting that the body was here before he
came and here after he left. He thinks
that the rigid enforcement of the deathdealing MRK is vital. to the life of the
body, forgetting that the goal of the MRM
is death.

Time is a thetan's plaything. It is
all available to the thetan but only a
comparative split-second is available to
the body. The thetan chooses that quantity of MEST time which he wants to designate as his present time. It can be a
millionth of a second or a million years,
but is usually the total lifetime of the
organism (body) which he has decided to

The thetan in the body of the baby
sets up the entire lifetime of the baby,
including all incidents, every happening,
and death. He then says HE is the body,
and thenceforward, doesn't have the
slightest idea what is going to happen

Now, this is a hell of a good game and
has been a lot of fun for a few billion
years -- but maybe it would be more fun to
change the rules every second. Maybe
there are better games in other universes. Maybe a better game could be set up
in this universe. Maybe it would be more
fun if you didn't slowly kill off the
body with the accompanying pain as called
for in your MRM.

How can a Master Reference Mock-up be
maintained by an organism that can only
exist in one split second? It can't. Our
thetan, who claims to be the body, has
made the lifetime of the body his present
time. What kind of flowers will you have
on your casket? How old will you be when
you fall out of your crib? How old will
you be when your last tooth falls out?
Let's face it -- present time is not for
human beings. They can be aware of it
but they cannot exist in it. Only an operating thetan, or higher, can BE in
present time.

For some reason, not presently available to the writer, therapy does not seem
to be accounted for in the MRM. Therapy
modifies and destroys part of the MRM.

Any destruction of the fixed-beingness of
the Ml leads to better health for the
body and a happier outlook and more proficiency in everything for the person.

Therapy is any process which gives a person a greater freedom of choice about
anything or anyone. Since the thetan, not
the body, constructed the MRM and is tom.
tal cause for a human being, it seems evident that exteriorization is not, in
itself, a therapy.

Total destruction of the Master Reference Mock-up theoretically leads to
total freedom of beingness, the ability