Volume 2, Issue 2, page 2

HISTORY No, Junior,
REPEATS the 'Reds' we now
ITSELF fear aren't the
same 'Red' Men we
stole this country from a
century or so ago."
It hasn't been many
years since our "brave" ancestors were engaged in
driving the red men from
the . forest and plain on
which they'd hunted and
roamed for untold centuries. But our motives were
of the purest, of course,
It all was done in the interest of religious freedom. These animals, that
looked like men were savages, and those our missionaries couldn't convert were
necessarily slaughtered in
self-defense. Those who
survived were taught to
worship our all-knowing God
and be thankful for the few
square feet of barren acres
that -- so far as we can discover -- have no mineral
wealth hidden beneath their
unverdant surface.

But conquering the savages hasn't freed us of the
"Red menace", apparently.

It may be a bit .:,x al
that the nation which first
used atomic weapons to win
a war should be pauperizing
itself in a desperate effort to prevent destruction
by a former ally who might
be so base as to use weapons of a similar calibre.

And whether we engage in
an annihilating war or not,
atomic scientists, backed
Volume II, Number 2
M A Y -- 1 9 S 5
by a power-hungry gang of
military cut-throats, are,
threatening to end civilization once and for all
with radiation from their
many A- and H-bomb "tests".

Our inspiring history is
tottering under an atomic
cloud rising from the Nevada desert. If some "furriners" don't get us by
blasting us with our own
invention, our atomic playboys will do it in "defensive" maneuvers.

It took ancient civilizations many ages to rise
and fall -- but: Americans always. were a fast impatient
lot -- and proud of it
THERE STILL Those of us
IS HOPE FOR who have seen
SCIENTOLOGY the decline of
Scientology in
the last few months -- have
seen our ideals wither on
the vine under the searing
sun of. materiality -- may
take heart.

In her column last month,
Tido Churchill, who keeps
The ABERREE readers posted
on activities of the phony
Phoenix church (Phony.-X) 0
said there was a possibility the June Scientology
Congress would take up the
long-neglected third point
of the Affinity-Reality-Communication triangle. To
us, even a hint that such a
step is planned comes as
rod news. Any triangle
that tries to exist with
one of its points missing
is no longer a triangle.

Probably a better analogy for _

angle would lbw *AIN&
The WM - et t el is
the "Realf#,' in
contact with a erich
a vehicle _ aust p1*1W.1kad in
the last year, =1i' had
plenty of emOhmas J M wity and contact.
dented and f loused from "dirty 30 (Vat
your finger on the e X t
spot", etc.) in an expolion of Step VII of S.O.P.s
1 to 8, the technique outlined in early Scientology
for the processing of psychotics. Many have told us
how much "better they feel"
after 20 to 100 hours of
this type of processing,
but we have searched in
vain for evidence of a positive tone rise, or socalled "miracle".

From the RIM of the
wheel we go to the SPOKBS --
the lines of "Communication". Pre-clears sit for
hours shouting "0.I., Mamma" and "Selle!' to imaginary spots about thea -- with
the same imaginary spots
shouting imaginary''Hello's"
back to tit. Two-way communication has been ephasized -- and the auditor is
told how essential it is to
get a verbal reply from his
pre-clear and to acknowledge this verbal, reply v rbally. The din of the market place has invaded the
group auditing roam. And
we, who speak blandly of
the telepathic powers and
"knowingness" of the "thetan", are depending solely
on the noise-making qualities of a MEST body for
communication. The auditor
and his pre-clears are put
on the level of a kindergarten playground, with
each child shouting to be
heard above the din of others doing likewise.

Maybe, with emphasis
switching to "Affinity"
the HUB of this imaginary
wheel with which we're trying to compare the A-R_C
(There's more Hope on 12)
The Non-, erious Organ of "The Inf inites" , a Universe
of Being as Unlimited as the Name Implies
Published in the Dark of-the boon -- 6 t