Volume 2, Issue 2, page 17

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"kid isn't tere a 'control' word
in the Church Declaration p r?*
-- Marijane Huttall , Lakeside, e if.
"Hello. He11ol Are you exterroriredl OX, Mena:...
"I was sorry you did not get a
suitable report on the New York
Congress. I did not go to it because I thou&t the $50 pretty
high. Now I it, with the Detroit Congress. charging $15 for it.

It has succeeded in giving us asa
extra push here, however, as we are
now getti ba again after some
months of inactivity.

The (Mesons
are doing t good work on training
group oiors, or leaders, as they
say now. Lyle &xdrar is leadi
group at Steinway Haig on Wedne Friday evenings. There is some
interest in reading 'Dianetics