Dear Editor (continued)

ver, even copper—to say nothing of platinum, uranium, and carbons of he faucetable kind) sad only occasionally evolve to the fur-oear-img eral Maybe they hare hoi loir teeth, poor things.

"And isn’t there a 'control1 word in the Church Declaration proper?" —Marijane Jfcittall, Lakeside. Calif.

"Hello* Hello*1 Are you exterror-ised? OK. Mmmm!... —

"1 was sorry you did not get a suitable report on the New York Congress. I did not go to it because I thought the $50 pretty high* How I know it. with the De-troit Congress charging $15 for it* It has succeeded In giving us an extra push here, however* as we are new getting buqjr again after some months of Inactivity* The Ottesons are doing good work on training group auditors, or leaders, as they say ncer* Lyle ftidrcw is leading a group at Sbeimay Ball on Wednesday and Triday evenings* There is some interest in reading 'Dianetics 1955' ♦ ♦ •

"1 want to thank you for the type of thing you are doing. If Scientology cannot stand a little criticising it had better dose up shop* ?ou may be doing good by advertising it as you are*

"A little more news of those in the field would be welcome* Tor instance. I would like to know hew our friend Clem Johnson is doing in Florida***Tou know. I liked Clem when he was getting out the Ghost* But how does he keep up with the fast change of techniques LHH is continually getting out?

"What is this stuff about the 'Infinites’?**«Do you think I would qualify?"—Fred C. Henderson. Hew fork. H* T«

"I am still plugging away at trying to find out whether 1 am exteriorized or whether I am using an exteriorized point of view* Mock-ups and recalls are improving but if there ever was a resisting five. I think I qualify for the top place in that dass* You may "think you are a hard nut to crack* I am sure a good auditor could have turned you loose in many, many less hours than 1 have been putting in.**

"Are you two getting any auditing mixed in with your busy hours? If not. you ought to* Whether I am getting a certainty on exteriorization or not I am aware of the fact that I have rehabilitated my ability to think fast in the prosecution of a law suit at least 100jt At the age of 29*30 * could add two and three columns at a time* At the age of cO I couldn't add 2 and 3 together and get 5* How the ability to add has returned to a remarkable degree. 1 find I am both adding and multiplying nonvocally which I haven't been able to do for perhaps 20 years* Also I have been practically completely free of headaches during the past year and until about the time we were to- ge the r at ftiil adelphia I never had a day in ay life free of head- aches* So I think that ay mazy hours of very questionable auditing is paying off."-Judge Irving Smith. Sr*, Hiagara, Vis.

"«.*We had a marvelous experience yesterday. TWul gave a talk to the Frederick XL lot Tpzum In our church (First tfciitarian) * It was the most tremendous splash to be heard in the tfcitariUn circle since our interest in the church began seme 3S months ago* We have not missed a Sunday and hare heard many 'pedigreed* people speak at the Forum. and felt honored for the invitation for Baal to speak on his 'hobby1* He has been the only one so far where the speaker was interrupted for questions* Usually, after the talk is over, there is a short question period, but in this particular period. the audience could not wait for the regular question period* • •

"This is a group of intelligent people and they are not ready to 'buy' anything until they have investigated it* Paul has been invited to continue the discussion and give a demonstration.. .He told the Moderator about you and you also have been invited to join us and add whatever you like. * •

"We think it only fair that the other sciences (if you wish to call them that) that nave been offsprings of Dianetics also be presented s Mr* Kltselman's 'X* Thera-Mr* Velgos's 'Sidetic Psycho-ogjK and Dr* Art Coulter's 'Syner-etics'o As you kncw; Unitarians eel that they are capable of studying all religions end make their own decision cm what to incorporate in their own philospby of life« Such being the case, ve feel that not only does Dianetics hare a great deal to offer—so do the other studies***

"Since ve don't have all the information on 'X*» etc*, we oalled Bob and Min Gardner in Austin and they are shipping us what they have along with Dr* Winter's book on Di-enetics, the old Arc Rights, and anything else they have that will be helpful in asking a complete as possible presentation***

"As I've told you many times, Mr* Kitselman's 'a9 therapy has changed me—or by using it. I have seen fit to change myself 100%. Jfy family and I think the change has been in the right direction, and it has given me a peace that 'passeth all understanding'* It has done for ve what years and years of church going did not do* I would love to meet Mr* Kitselman some day and thank him personally* Of course» I had an excellent auditor, Bob Gardner » to whom I should also pay tribute, but be already knows of the tremendous benefit 1 have derived from 'X' therapy* A fact not to be ignored is that all this did not cost us one thin dime***

"Would be nice if Mr* Hubbard could forget his bank balance long enough to do work gradually with seme organizations, and build an interest rather than tlying to IS i stuff Dianetics down threats with high pressure salesmanship with exorbitant prices and then put the stopper on the bottle and sey don't communicate* But if that's the way he chooses to operate, so far as I'm concerned, that's his business* I have found that nothing Is »**** until I've given It away—or have the honest desire to give or share with others* Bsrhaps some day he will have a similar experience, I hope* * * "—Jackie Ishmael» Oklahoma City, Ckla*

"I see Kitselman wants $888*88 to disclose Hibbard’s secret* I'll disclose it for $90—but the discloses must come here to LA and get the disclosure verbally* Also he will get thrown in for free an XI-ectropnchometric assessment; the point being I'd have to run the assessment in order to be sure of the person I was dealing with before making the disclosure*"—Vol-ney G* Jfeithiscn, Los Angeles. Cal*

"I sure am flattered to be picked up by a student of languages as is A*J^S*Hci(illan of Bristol, England* 'Tis true. I don't know languages nor do X pretend to* The German I was tanght in High School I promptly forgot. The French I was taught in College I never learned and rode through on a pony* The little Hebrew I gleaned as a child* The rest I get out of the unabridged Websters* Certainly Chinese is in no way akin to our root language, yet I caught up a few Chinese words also—even reflecting the basic meaning in their culture. Ho, bringing in the other languages was incidental* The fact that it works even in ary one language is surprising encxigh for me* I got my first clue by reading that the word 'grace' in Hebrew worked that way* Then I tried it in Eag-lish and it also worked* And I also know that I have applied it to languages (l.e.words) such as Hindu, which is also not our root language* The three root languages are Chinese, Sanscrit, and Hebrew, in the order of their age*

"Hew what has been shown can be done is not only a passing fancy, but as you will see, everything can be gotten from the word, letter, ?oint, etc* 1 am only a dabbler at t* There should be some to whom it is a more exacting knowledge.

"I never heard of Grimm's law. But it set me thinking that perhaps there is a complete science on the subject and it -wcaild behoove me to study up* I do use changes in consonants also, but that Is another phase to cover in another article* f «, written identically in old English, are interchangeable as well as other consonants* But to fathom the reason why they are, and why one is used rather than another, and what is the biological, religious or polarity picture , is also fraught with interest*

"As to belaboring a word in order to get a point across—well» don't all mothers have to belabor