The Thoughts We Make Live On and On (continued)

day?" their immediate reply might be: "I don't know, I hadn't considered it. However, they can stop THEN and think about it -- look at it when it happened at THAT time and space -- and they will discover they know exactly what the person was thinking -- can pick up the thoughts of a week ago in present time.

If thoughts continue to exist at toMeat thing that can in the future be 'A6i up, looked at, examined, and used in +alit evaluations, then what happens if we are surrounded with harsh, unkind, destrudtive thoughts? If, using again the preVi ous analogy, those "slips of paper* in the Earth's atmosphere contain mostly low activity words, what might we expect Man to find in his constant search for a way of optimum existence? The only way out of the mess we're in is to get our fellow man and society into a condition where they will know how to enjoy themselves, to love each other, and to be kind to their neighbors. Love is the only way out of this planet; love is the only way to safety and security; and love is the only way whereby we will find happiness. Love is defined -- by me-.= ao "Kindness, consideration, and understandaw Inge" By those three words, Ilimwftt To be kind -- Help a fellow without deb siring anything in return; to appteoiate the other fellow's helping you. Sharing with your fellow man his good and his bad days is kindness.

Consideration is considering the other fellow's feelings . Never say or de at'Ay thing that you know would hurt the othef fellow's feelings unless it gets to a point where you HAVE to -- and at that point, he's not "another fellow" anyway, so why worry about him? Choose your neighbors, of course.

Choose the people you want to associate with -- people to whom you can be kind and considerate and understanding.

Understanding means to listen to another fellow's problems, and "sympathize" with him. "Sympathize" may be a wrong word, because it has so many different meanings to different people. Show him you are willing to help him, to listen to him.

These three points also can be broken down into the three corners of the triangle Mr. Hubbard uses -- A.R.C. Affinity is kihdness,. Reality is consideration, and cation is understanding..

Now that we have love defer,:' It'd like to suggest that each and eVery ithd' reads this picks out. a few per wiiieiM th-60t think- they ean help-. Doltilot eti Stoufatted if y'elt pio oxtt slid 661y- tlipti' Of these to &bold* to' roliataw 4 go al64 'Work with you,-.# kie'k those people datefitl4v aW don-it try to, start with 4 pSydhOtid beeause those *-fist of thelt.w.astrot" eVolt theme You have to find a life soiree befog. yoU emi do anything with theMe When you get a e°oupl* peace one of you -- -Whore yoU can, oompletoky trust y.our feilo ma ,r heft ideals, goals, and dreams, you will lit*e fow*:t those with whom you cm coMmunie4to fi :o. 1y. You will know exactly what I mean about life -- because life is love, and love is goodness, -and goodness is life. That's all there is -bait. Life started out loving everything and knowing that everything was good; then, when something or someone disagreed with him (being nothing but love and goodmss), he ma the first error by oonsidering that he himself probably Ooald be wrong beoaUSO )d honesty and traSt irit OVo, 001ilsIderasUg the other th4lig pt&'Seti Sd 1't'ofte there is om SA* tw6oaroh Into the lift tietewee that 10 lll Iviissditgo 4M that le letta,aaftey lUC stvorea leaves a ~ , + i l deaveittleate leek onto this plafteto I lttiotii this is so yawl the AaddO of a dOO)i4# becoa4S. otiOe when I was dead, 1 found *self tae to doMmanicate back. Also, before 1' brother was killed, I made a pact with hlt that whichever went first would try and ooMmuhicate with the other still in a body -- hit apparently* with him, too, it is impossible.

I can look out and locate any person their life source, or life line, and a lot of their thoughts -- as long as they are in contact with a body on this planet. Many others can do the same thing, so there's nothing odd, new, strange, or fantastic about it. But when there is no contact with a body on this planet, apparently that life source has lost its ability to contact anyone using abady. There's only one thing I'd like to add