Volume 2, Issue 2, page 6

6 The E, :i ay 1955
rocket. "This is our rocket ship,.ian't
it, Horse?" "Bang ! See,. you is dead
now.' And, "See, there's the tiger. "
All this I've been' outlining is not
the "dream world" of an introspective,
shy child who has retired from con f.ict
with the material universe. It's action
in a life of action. David is far' ! 'the
roughest and rowdiest of the whole ro
herd -- bold,,brash, daring, overt, ania 'en=
ergetic -- a bundle of energy that cab take
a jolt and come in bawling to run the
"engram" twice and scan it once and go
back out laughing and raring for more
You should see him take over in' the
cockpit of a DC-6 airplane. No pretense
or play there.

He is ,probably in : present time more
than any member of the family and has a
couple of traits I've never seen in other
children -- one being a sense of direction
and the other a sense of location. Not one out of ten adults flying for
the first time comprehends the difference
between flight attitude and direction of
motion. (This kills a lot of supposedly
trained pilots.) With David, he always
clears a good look at, where the airplane
is o to be-.-not where it happens to
be point at-the moment.

After we left Rose Park and moved to
Centerville, I came through a road he had
never been on before, through unfamiliar
terrain and froman opposite direction.

Most kids would have been completely disoriented,' but all of a sudden he said,
*Let's go see my' friend, Kenny."
.Surprised, I asked him where Kenny
lived from where we were and he pointed
right to it. It was s e v e r a l blpeks_ a w,
but he was located Perfectly.

You should see him run Openi: ng PrQeegw
dore, either as' "auditor". or ae pre-.
clear". His process lag is veTr short,
of course, and about five minutes of each
is all he wants before die t
change; but he duplicates exact , par.
tic arty neticeAb4' as "andito . ere
he never gives a bad direction or an off
,beat command. When he asks-me to ,audit'
him, I give him a lot of mot ion.-fike,
"See the bed? Run and jump' on it'and
turn a somersault and fall off the otr
side and' then put bath hands on' the
floor." With a oap and a