Volume 10, Issue 10, page 18

to become wealthy and of high
position." -- Morris Swenson,
R.1, Box 625, Comas, Wash.
"Sent a 'Thank - U-Gram' to
the author of 'Building Staircases '...I was tickled pink to
discover that he is one of us
Aberrees. Are you aware that
were the truth known, that Dr.
Carl G.Jung was one of us too.
A gave-away fact found in his
book, 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'. I only read the
review of the book. His volcanic eruptions w i l l rumble
across generations to come and
his gushing fountain of selfexperiments will provide an
enormous fund of concepts for
psychologists and psychiatrists." -- Lucy M. Traxler, Rt.
1, Pioneer, Ohio.
"One thing that intrigues
me about your magazine I think
is the range or scope of the
material -- some way -out and
some way-in.
"What would we do without
the word 'vibration' (which
doesn't exist per se) to explain most all phenomena. I am
surprised that you are going
to have one of those 'multifrequency oscillators (a Tesla
coil). Bob Beck put on such a
convincing show at Harmony
Grove, most of the crowd there
seemed to fall for it, and it
should work for anyone that
has the necessary faith. But
so will a rabbit's foot, and
it has about as much physical
effect at the Tesla coil. This
Tesla coil is older than the
Wilshire, a magnetic belt. If
you would use the proper suggestion with a Diathermy, you
would be using something that
really does put energy in cell
tissue." -- R.A.Stolle, 3880 San
Rafael, Los Angeles, Calif.
"The way you have presented
(my) article about the end of
the world is truly wonderful.
I will not personally thank
you for presenting this to the
public; for God really dictated it and God will surely
thank you -- and generously reward you.
"The character who signs...
Dr. Karl Kridler evidently received his copy long before
mine was delivered; for what
my pen produced surely got his
goat. It is quite evident that
he, like orthodox theologians,
is scared silly that the market for his babbling will be
"He addressed a letter to
me -- with no address so I could
reply -- in which he flatly stated that it was a 'LIE' about
Revelation being written by
the beloved disciple of 'The
King of the Jews'.
"The learned so-called doctor ignored everything that he
could not possibly contradict as by the nature of his
or destroy to arrogantly claim friends. This, however, can
that the book of Revelation cut both ways. The enemies of
was nothing but an ancient Communism that I know or am
scroll that was an allegory familiar with are peaceful
that described t h e various persons.
functions of the human body. "The part about a 'Roman
"The function named as sex dictatorship' I do not underis classed by Kridler as some- stand. I am capable of reading
thing evil . Like 'Christ- and I hope of thinking and I
killers' of long ago, Kridler know nothing of the anti-Comcries out: 'Away with it. Cru- munist movement being led by
cify it. It is not fit to any one group. It would seem
live.'... that the very nature of a war
"The article by Jack Felts group that advocates violence
about the trash being sold as as Communism does would be enart in the fields of litera- ough to make any thinking perture, painting, and music de- son against it.
serves a gold medal set with "In the 22nd verse of the
pure diamonds." -- Raymond Reid, last chapter of Acts, the jail715 Woodland, Trenton, N.J. er was talking to Paul about
(ED. NOTE -- We've said it Christianity -- not Communism.
before and we say it again -- Just because Communism is also
The most sensitive part of a 'spoken against' does not make
person's body, apparently, is it kin to Christianity.
his precious Bible. You can "Where he tries to equate
step on his toes, crumple his the sickle of Communism with
fenders, or insult his wife -- the sickle spoken of in the
but don't attack his concept 14th and 15th verses of Revelof Holy writ -- no matter what ations 14 is another example
that concept may be.) of trying to twist a similarity
0 0 0 of words to make it fit pre"I would like to make a few conceived ideas. This is obvicomments concerning the letter ously telling of the second
by Raymond Reid in your Janu- coming of Christ and how huary-February issue. The only manity will be harvested. For
way I can see that Communism the sickle of Communism to be
can be 'honest' is when a sin- the same as the sickle of
cere person is duped by the Christ it would have to repredouble talk and double mean- sent the same thing. Does it?
ings of Communist semantics. Just go back to verse 13 of
The article from India which Rev. 14 and read .. Blessed
was quoted and attempted to are the dead which die in the
give Biblical support of Corn- Lord... ' As Communism is athemunism is a good example of istic, how can any of them die
semantic hogwash. in the Lord?
"The verses in the second "And finally recall t h e
chapter of Acts does show that famous 'Sermon on the Mount',
one specific group of individ- where Jesus says, 'The meek
uals got carried away with the shall inherit the earth'. Can
dramatic nature of Christianity anyone really believe that a
and believed that the second Communist is meek?" -- T.M.Lair,
coming was to be immediate. 2012 E. Cherry, Sherman, Tex.

Since no physical goods would (ED. NOTE -- Once upon a time
be needed they shared what we heard of a passionate ar9u- a
they had and waited for the meat in which both sides did- 1
second coming. This was not n't try to prove their point by
Communism, but merely an an- quoting the Bible, but we've
ticipation of events to come forgotten what the argument
in which the physical goods was about, or between whom. f
were not needed. Paul in his Anyway, when you do this (try
later ministry warns against to bypass the Scriptures as
people doing this. If Commun- irrefutable evidence), you're
ism follows Christian scrip- supposed to be excommunicated,
ture, then it would also have burned at the stake, and elseto follow a few verses later wise punished -- it says so in W
(Acts 2:46-47): 'And they, con- the Bible, and if we had time, W
tinuing daily with one accord we'd look up the exact Book, a
in the temple, and breaking chapter, and verse.) 04
bread from house to house, did 0 0 0
eat their meat with gladness "Regarding the 'Antiquity W
and singleness of heart, prais- Unveiled' book, when I broached
ing God, and having favour with the question to the publishers , c
all the people. And the Lord Health Research, as to when
added to the church daily such they would publish the whole
as should be saved. ' As Com- book instead of the abridged,
munists do not praise God (be- they answered, 'NEVER!' in a
ing atheists), they will not notation across the letter I
be added to the church. had sent them.
"It is true that a person "If they are Seventh Day
can be correctly judged by the Adventists, they naturally
nature of his enemies as well would not want to go too far, 18