Volume 10, Issue 10, page 6

individuals and classes in Dramanatomy. get something like arthritis, or gall stones.

Please consider any description of Drama- But in Dramanatomy, we are mainly interested
natomy to be merely something about it. It is in the minor, early manifestations, which, to
not designed to give you something that is some degree, affect everyone. And these minor
self-evident. I have been acquainted with it manifestations could be all there is to the
for about a year. And, even as a non-conform- aging process.
ing Scientologist, I at first looked with dis- In another interpretation -- Harold Schroepdain on "body stuff". But, I found that energy pel has written in The ABERREE about thoughtmasses, which contain fixed misemotions, corn- emotion-effort, reversing same to run out what
pulsions, inhibitions, just left the body. I Hubbard in 1951 - 52 called "the emotional
felt better physically. I looked better -- lost curve". What transpires is that thought, then
much of my bay window, tho I lost little the emotion, then the effort is impinged upon
weight, for example. I feel that my overall the body and sticks, at a location. When this
health improved. And as I became acquainted occurs, we "think " that the subject matter of
with others, found that the same thing was the thought-emotion-effort no longer bothers
happening to them. No wonder that despite her us. It generally shows up as a sort of numb
long hours, Mrs. Saxon is constantly booked area. When 'hand-pressure, motion-communicaseveral weeks ahead. tion, or massage is applied to this area, it
The posturing consists of doing that which will return from unconsciousness, and pain
is natural, rather than that which is habitual. will be felt. Then in a bit, it will become
The feet are placed parallel, about 10 inches fully alive again.
apart, with the weight mainly on the heel, and So, in Dramanatomy, what we are doing is to
the outside of the feet. The knees are bent, bring the body back to life. We think of life
bowed outward. The pelvis is raised, and the and death in terms of absolutes. Not so, in
anal area lowered, tucked under. The shoulders terms of structure, related to function. Each
are raised as high as possible, and the rib cell within the body is a life of its own. As
cage raised to create space between the lower life, it is a minute part of the whole. It is
ribs and the hips. The bay window goes up more very lacking in abilities, power of choice;
than it goes in. It goes back to where it be- but it does its job, and it does it well -- if
longs -- it sagged in the first place. Same for there is no interference. There is evidence
the extra chins. Just a few clues. This will that there are other entities which have provbe dealt with in detail in Mrs. Saxon's book. ince over certain specific areas, and, it
There have been a myriad of breathing meth