Volume 10, Issue 10, page 10

Australia Solons Hack at "Better Bridge" Piers
SCIENTOLOGY, still reeling from the blow Persons familiar with Scientology will recdealt it by Federal Food and Drug strong- ognize obvious errors in the report from Melarm seizure of E -Meters and books from bourne -- which are not altogether typographithe Washington and Los Angeles branches , cal. Much of this probably can be blamed on
may now face a much more serious threat in its Scientology's use of terms and words that are
Australia operation. According to an account not homologous, and as the article says,
in a recent issue of the New York TIMES, a "Most people, still trying to fight their way
board of inquiry is investigating charges made thru the tangle of Scientological jargon, will
in the Australian Parliament that Scientolo- be grateful if the board (of inquiry) can exgists are "exposing children of tender age , plain what Scientology is".
youths, and adults to intimidation and bank- Such attacks as the one in Australia and the
ruptcy." ones in the United States may force ScientolAltho details of the inquiry are not avail- ogists to operate less openly, if their claims
able, it is apparently an action instigated by of religious immunity are to be ignored. Much
medical authorities , who are deeply concerned of the trouble, of course, can be traced to
by claims allegedly made by some Scientolo- the high prices being charged for training at
gists that at least 70 percent of those pro- L. Ron Hubbard's baronial mansion in England
fessing to be ill can be successfully treated and for processing by those leaving Saint Hill
without paying tribute to the medical mono- with various degrees of L. Ron Hubbard's highpoly. (PLEASE TURN TO "SCIENTOLOGY" ON PAGE 11)

Ask If Preclear and Entheta
Constitute Medical Fraud
Special to The New York Times
MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec.
7 -- Can a preclear gain somatic
release through enmest, entheta,
lock scanning, dubins and rockslams?
A special board of inquiry appointed by the state of Victoria
is looking into this and equally
absorbing questions in its investigation of "scientology" that
began here yesterday.

The board whs named to investigate "very serious allegations" made in Victoria's Parliament about the practice of
scientology here.

Among the charges was one
by John Galbally, the Labor
party floor leader, that scientologists are "a group of charlatans who for monetary gain
are exposing children of tender
age, youths and adults to intimidation and bankruptcy."
Most people here, still trying
to fight their way through the
tangle of scientological Amon,
will be grateful if the board can
explain what scientology is.

According to the Australian
continental headquarters of the
Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, which
has its office here, scientology
is "the common people's science
of life and betterment."
More precisely, scientology
helps a preclear ("one who is
discovering things about himself and who is becoming clearer") to become a clear ("one
who has straightened up this