Volume 10, Issue 10, page 2

discover a couple of lost
senses: smell/taste... 7 Why,
after 45 years, did you finally
quit? someone asked. Well, we
made the decision last spring
when we wrote an auditorial on
the power of the mind, and decided smoking wasn't proof of
a weak will, it was proof of a
weak mind -- which was a way of
looking at it we hadn't considered before...
i With only the drums and
bugles missing, the Surgeon
General 's office, with a great
fanfare, staged a three-network circus recently to announce what any schoolboy could
have told them -- that cigaret
smoking is dangerous to some
people's health. Which places
this section of Government at
odds with another section of
Government -- the FDA; one trying to reduce the incidence of
cancer and the other trying to
remove all competition from
that portion of the medical
profession which finds cancer
such a profitable business. We
refer specifically to action
taken within 48 hours of the
cigaret report against the
Drosnes-Lazenby Cancer Clinic,
of Pittsburgh, Penn. It appears from this that the most
thankless, if not dangerous,
research one can engage in is
search for a cheaper and surer
method of cancer cure. Wonder
if the Surgeon General, now
that he has taken such a daring stand affecting the nation's fifth largest cash crop,
tobacco, dares to take a similar stand against another cash
crop -- aspirin an d similar
worthless drugs -- which probably take as large a toll of
humans as do cigarets, pipes,
and cigars...
i We might wish we'd knocked on wood before this sees
print, but right now, we're
glad to report that all seers
have been pretty wrong in seeing such a terrible winter -- as
far as Enid is concerned. It's
been so much like spring that
even the quince in the flower
garden is decking itself out in
beautiful pink buds, and the
tulips are acting as if they
might be rushing the calendar
a bit. However, we haven't had
any irresistible urge to start
digging an onion bed yet...