Volume 10, Issue 10, page 11

(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Rt.
4, Box 82, Tampa, Fla., 33615, if you wish an interpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dreams will be published in this
column as space permits only if permission has been
DREAM -- I's a he-man that likes my meat and
Potatoes yet I continually dream of a long banquet table filled with nothing but raw fruits
and vegetables. It's worth two bucks if you
can tell me how to stop these dreams.
- -Bob C.

INTERPRETATION -- He-man, my foot! You're an
idiot not to realize your body is doing its
level best to inform you of its desperate need
for vitamins and minerals found only in raw
fruits and vegetables. you'd better wise up
before you go under and find yourself food for
the worms. Am returning your two bucks because
I don't take money from a dying man. My advice
is run -- don't walk -- to the nearest doctor for
a complete physical checkup.