Volume 4, Issue 8, page 4

'Cheap Imitator, I found sev
, with great p
Now Under Ban, But great gif
ture must be
Ya~ law& ~ P t great integr
" '7"" ~~ kernel of g
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3) engulfed in
ways know the merit of his foolish fanc
rhymes, but recited them as quently, a
they came to him and sound- as rare as
ed nice, old Greek wi
I read two of his "elfin was looking f
rhymes" which made no sense I will say,
at all to me, and asked him Mr. Apsel, th
to explain. He admitted it him his Arth
made no sense to him, eith- not our Dynan
er, but the O'Neills seemed a confession
to like them, this masquer
Both "Dynamos" have been and Mr. Apsel
restricted to the heaven being incens
world and will not be per- duped.
mitted to communicate with But, unfo
any me on the earth plane Apsel immedia
for 20 years! by another "a
If you like science fie- also not the
tion, you are getting it. Mr. Apsel
Zelda, too, is a phony and "Most Gracie
Atlantis never existed. I guide, is in
challenge the authors of first and s
the "Atlantis" article to and has cond
ask their heavenly inform- fake Dynamos
ant to contact "Most Gra- world with n
cious Sir". Surely this re- the physical
quest should be met if they years.
are honest and willing to I would li
follow the truth where it sel to know t
leads them. is still aron
What do I hope to accom- I asked him
plish by this experiment comment on
(reporting to "Most Gra- charges. He s
cious Sir") ? I can prove And lightl
that their spiritual con- ru d i me n ta
tact is a fabricator, and sighs a fain
have that individual admit touch is brie,
this under scrutiny. She in a varico
(or he) if brought forward the liquid
to me, will be commanded to claims the sc
go to these authors and ad- door.
mit his/her deception! Easily tra
* * * developed ha
'Still Around and Dynamo as per
uation) has f
i the long purs
Still Rhyming, sel coming t
`D P WW1 the e
J f
the r relelief i
cause when o
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3) is invalidate
thoughts, fears, wishes of produced almo
the sitters, and embroiders, bringing the
dresses up, dramatizes same low leve
these things, and throws inarticulate
them back at the sitters in haunt seance
the guise of spirits. That to speak the
is, in many cases. Not all. etc. They al
It is possible that some fantte cy, end owl
thoughts of astral entities by nedu
do filter thru the minds of ful The ehiakci s
some mediums. claim m the
the g
During the 20 years of He who wo
t a u
spiritualism, the singing bird (Dynamo
eral mediums attacker) claims he has
sychic powers. open sesame to all the
is of this na- heaven world.
attended by And so they ride the
ity, or th e long forgotten shadows that
enuineness is ensconce the rest.
a whirlwind of So they feed on and disies. Con se- seminate the imagined disagood medium is bilities, infirmities, and
he fellow the non-virtues of other people.
th the lantern The lark at best endows
or. the music in the air, a
, in favor of throated chair.
at when I told Just as the lark creates
ur Perrin was music and beauty from the
o, he obtained neutral air about him, beof guilt from cause it is his nature to
ading entity, create music, so do many
confessed to people create ugliness and
ed a t being evil in the world about
them . They, endow the people
rtunately, Mr. about them with evil
tely was duped thoughts, motives, and ac
stral'who is tions for the same reason
Dynamo. the lark endows the a i r
claims that with music.
us Sir", his It's the way they are
charge of the organized. The lark was
econd planes, born that way. But people
mined the two create their colored glassto the heaven es with which they view the
o contact with world. So, people are replane for 20 sponsible for what they say
about others, and they can
ke for Mr. AP- change their world fran
hat our Dynamo ugliness to beauty merely
nd, as always. by changing themselves.
if he had any
Mr. Apsel's
aid :

y caught, th e ToEach His Own
ry encumbrance Truth,
t relief. The
, and leveled ``pp n
lored analog, J.6. S,P.C1th,(~e n.
cry of fancy
ore, anent the (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3)
to be a story about Zelda
peed, the un- but a part of our history.
nger- on (The The material was brought by
Apsel's ?val- a number of individuals but
aint relief at Zelda 's name was used beuit of Mr. Ap- cause she is the leader of
an end. But the group.
o is brief -- or We realize that a cons brief -- be- troversy o f this nature
ne fake Dynamo could boost the sale of the
d, another is book, or even of The Aberst immediately, ree, but we do not care to
Dynamo to the be a part of such a control as the other versy, and we are leaving
astrals that the sale of the book to the
rooms, unable publisher.
it own name Another thought -- in our
e products d awareness, there are as
d with reality many levels of awareness on
ity and wish- the higher planes as there
of the sitters. are on this plane, and each
of the fowler
te is wide. must decide f o r himself
ld shoot down what is true, or otherwise.
3EMBER, 1957