Volume 10, Issue 10, page 13

Pioneers and Masters
in Control of Minds

SYCHOLOGY, in one aspect at least,
was a science with the popes, cardinals, priests, and Jesuits centuries before the word psychology
was coined. It is their knowledge
of a basic psychological fact that has
given the Romans their power in every
country where their five gods are worshipped.

Five gods did I say? Yes, five (5) gods.
Everyone should know of them for they are
(1) God, (2) the Holy Ghost, (3) Christ,
(4) the Virgin Mary, and (5) the devil .
From the condition the world is in today,
it seems that the devil is receiving the
worship and loyalty of Xtians and the
other four are on vacation.

When a baby is born, its conscious mind
enters this world at zero. The conscious
mind is a blank. It knows nothing. The
conscious mind is the mind of the human

But there is a subconscious mind -- the
mind with jurisdiction over the body and
complete control over what we call memory.

There are three elements to memory :
memorizing, the memory itself, and remembering. This subconscious mind records
every sensory impression and every experience. It is the activating and recording
mind, the seat of mental, emotional, and
action habits.

When told, by the conscious mind, to
= do anything, it obeys. When told a sufficient number of times, it develops a habit
and will follow any desire of the conscious mind without further direction or

It will also carefully record (memorize) everything it learns or is taught.
It will begin to form habits when mental
or emotional actions are repeated.

The conscious mind of the human spirit
at birth knows absolutely nothing. Everything you know was acquired after entry
:4 into this mad world.

If a person obeys every suggestion he
receives from environment, that person is
no better than a zombie. His conscious
9 mind is not functioning properly. The duty
of the conscious mind is to judge every
thought, emotion, and action, and reject
any and every suggestion from every source
that might prove injurious. The tobacco
industry does not spend $3,000,000 a year
1.3 on cigaret commercials with no results.

They have made us a nation of cigaret
smokers. First the men were sold, then
the women, and now they are going after
the adolescents. Soon you may see a mother
light a cigaret and place it in the mouth
of her baby after he has had his bottle.

The Madison Avenue slave-makers have
learned a phase of psychology that the
Romans knav centuries ago.

The conscious mind is not developed
much until after a child is nine years
old. Anything a child is taught, fears
implanted, or beliefs recorded in memory
while a child is young will remain in the
memory and subconscious and will dominate
that person to his dying day. Unless that
person recalls such beliefs, fears, and
lessons up i n t o conscious awareness,
thinks about and judges them, accepts
those which are reasonable and rejects
those which are detrimental, the junk
poured into his subconscious (memory)
will dominate him all his life.

Recalling from memory into consciousness, experiences and traumas of childhood, judging and disposing of them in a
logical manner, is the foundation of psychoanalysis. It is also the secret weapon
of the Roman Catholic Church.

When a priest states, "Let us have the
child until he is nine years old and he
will remain a loyal Catholic all his life ,"
the padre knows he is stating sound psychology.

However, the only constant is everpresent change, and people are not as
dumb as they once were. Many of them have
learned to think. And when a thinking
person consciously judges the fear, fallacies, and fakes he was fed while a
child, he ceases to be a victim of them.

Yes, the claim that many are turning
Roman Catholic is true -- if one limits it
to the rich. However, it is the writer's
opinion that for every rich person who
accepts Roman Catholicism, a hundred or
perhaps a thousand dispossessed leave the

It should be no mystery why Italy has
a larger number of communists than any
other NATO nation. They are sick of empty
bellies with Vatican officials, priests,
nuns, and other church dignitaries f a t
and pompous.

The days are numbered for Rome and all
Xtianity and Rome is well aware of it.
The purpose of the great Council at Rome
is to discover, if possible, a way to
postpone the execution date of all Xtianity. The church was born in blood and it
will die in a bath of blood. Its own,
this time.