Volume 10, Issue 10, page 14


Tip in Death
of President
CTOBER, 1982, will live in my mind
for many years to come, as that was
the time President Kennedy appeared
to me while I was in my study, the
room in semi-darkness. He appeared standing, quietly. I saw what appeared to be a
thin stain running down from the right
side of his mouth; his face was calm, no
expression, and he seemed to be at peace
with nothing in anyway expressing fear or
concern. This lasted about two minutes,
then he left as he had come.

Later another figure same -- this time a
man with hate and lust.

The following weeks after this experience, I had many thoughts, and each one
expressed the same results. President
Kennedy would be killed. The question was
how. Then it came that Lincoln's face appeared before me as if to answer the
question. President Kennedy would die as
Lincoln had. The fact that he stood before
me meant he would pass into transition in
a sitting position.

Many other small factors came to my
attention -- sometimes while writing, sometimes while resting. The Etheric Masters
had, in fact, allowed me to see the President as he would appear one year and one
month in the future. Oswald was the man I
had seen who appeared with such force and

The presented facts, while not in complete detail, were sufficient for me to
sit down and write an account of this in
October, 1982. Many of my friends and
readers noted this, and have asked me
since it came to pass if I have any presentiments concerning President Johnson.

That I have. I feel I should tell you
of the most constant of these in their
appearances to me -- that President Johnson
is to receive a scar on his forehead from
what I gather, so far, will be the result
of a fall from one of his horses or an
auto accident.

In the future, I will pay strict attention to these sensitive and etheric
presentiments, since I know that our lives
are outlined and we are destined to play
a part, much like an actor on a stage.
This stage is the stage of life, and when
the curtain falls on this act, we will go
on to play other parts on other stages.

When a speaker spends his time telling his
audience how "wonderful I am", he shouldn't be
shocked should some of his hearers retort, not
too flatteringly, "Man, u r".

less liar, with only X's for eyes, and ears
tuned only to the rustle and tinkle of money .
For the reassurance of re-election, he would
make any sacrifice -- of other people.

In centuries of history writing, it's so
easy to whitewash the picture of the colonists
rushing to foreign shores, stealing the land
from under the natives, branding him "heathen"
without bothering to see whether his "religion" might be better or as good as the "cross"
that was being offered the Red Man -- in more
ways than one. As they drove the natives away
from the prize land, and put the remainder on
reservations under military beneficence, these
adventurers, wh o s e descendants parrot the
falsehood America was settled by people seeking religious freedom, began to deal in slaves
seized from Africa, denying them any kind of
freedom -- religious or otherwise -- so that they
could get their work done cheaply.

To say that America is or ever was a "land
of freedom" is a mockery of the word's intent.
And the "freed" slaves, over whom so many
crocodile tears are being spilled, will find
they are being used again -- that all this regard
for their welfare is merely a sham and subterfuge -- and that eventually the Negro, like the
Indian, will wind up again in "chains".
"You shouldn't mind doing this for us; look
what we did for you!" they will say, pointing
out the "freedoms" won "by them" for the poor,
down-trodden Negro, who had been gradually
raising himself to the point where his "freedom" and "equality" were earned -- not handed
him on a bloody platter.

If one wonders that these "generous deeds"
for the Negro portend, he has only to look at
what has happened to the Indian," wards" of the
thieves who stole his land and his freedom.
One has only to look, and be forewarned. Because what happened once can happen again.

There is an old saying, "Beware of the
Greeks bearing gifts". This could mean," Beware
of anyone who makes a big noise about wanting
to help you." It may mean that their motives
have never seen a bar of soap.
"Can't do it," or something like that. Know
what I mean?
It is indicated that the above are resultant of the command stimuli, of the invisible =
solids of the energy masses which we have imposed on the body. They command and hold our
attention, usually in terms of compulsion or
inhibition. These units of attention are not
otherwise available for our use. The sloughing
oR of these energy masses in Dramanatomy frees
these attention units, removes attention from
the body. It enables one to feel toward the
body something as a master feels toward a pet.

We can then feel as if it were something to be W
used as a part of a good games condition, not Pd
that we are .a body.

Just what the ultimate heights are to Dram- 134
anatomy work has not been fully ascertained as
yet. Monica Saxon leans toward considering it PI
a total process, with no top limits. I feel c
for sure that it is the best initial address.
After cleaning up the body, Hubbard Scientol- w
ogy processing or my Vacuum Cleaning Procedure ,
processes are certain to run faster.
(To Be Continued Next Month)
Putting a price tag on everything we do is
one way to get out of life only what you put
in your will. 14