Volume 10, Issue 10, page 12

not begin in the brain, as they are charged
with force that cannot originate in the brain,
and cannot be generated by the body, as science claims.

Now for another secret of creation: The
brain and nerves are formed of congealed electricity, called astral light by the Masters --
the same light that creates the rainbow with
its seven colors. That congealed electricity
builds the body of the baby from start to finish.

THE FINDINGS of Crile and Lakhovsky regarding
radiation gave the modern world its first
basic law of animation. This showed that Life
10 -- SECRET OF LIFE is a condition resulting from astral light
E GOT A shock years ago when we discov- Bowing as electricity thru brain and nerves.
ered that science knows not what Life Man, t he copyist, makes wires to convey
electricity, thus following the pattern of creation. His body has "wires " that receive and
world-renowned scientist, authority on convey astro -electricity to all parts of it,
cosmic radiation, and head of the California and makes him a Living Soul.

Institute of Technology, said: The force called electricity, most myster"I cannot explain why I am alive rather ious, most powerful, and most deadly force
than de ad. Physiologists can tell me much known, darts thru dark clouds and presents
about the mechanical and chemical processes of good and evil aspects, the results produced
my body, but they cannot say why I am alive." depending on the conditions supplied.
(COLLIER'S, Oct. 24, 1925,1 Electrical action is limited only by the
Is Life such a mystery? Or is there some- mechanism thru which it operates. It heats
thing hidden under the cover? What would hap- water and freezes it. turns wheels and iliumDen to theology and medicology if the nature inates globes, runs clocks and rings bells,
of Life were known? While the ignorance ex- drives trucks and airplanes, animates bodies
pressed may be genuine on the part of those and executes them.
who exhibit it, there seems to be a hidden A vast electro-magnetic field envelops the
reason for this ignorance. The Science of Life earth, called its aura. It is created by
will never be taught in our schools as long as astral light contacting the earth's magnetic
theology and medicology can prevent it. emanations, and is so dense it has a pressure
If we follow science in the quest of Life, of about 14.7 pounds a square inch at seawe march in darkness. That is where science is level, unnoticed by man as his body is made to
and admits it. Where are the clergy who preach resist it.
their dogma of Eternal Life, while in total This field- forms the Astral World of the
darkness as to their subject? They are in the Masters, called Heaven by Christianity. In it
same boat with the scientists, exist all living things that are seen on earth
If the nerves actually begin in the brain as in created form, and to it the unseen entities
science claims, whence cometh the Life quali- return in the creative cycle, called the Wheel
ties mentioned? Medical art cannot answer. It of Life by the Masters and symbolized in Card
has failed to solve the most elementary prob- No. 10 of their Tarot.
lent. This means no doctor, save a chiropractor, (Continued in the next issue)
is competent to treat the sick.

S C IENCE declares the nerves begin in the
brain, and nerve force, vitality, consciousness,
mind, and intelligence appear in some ,,,
unknown way in the brain. The brain is great,
but not that great. Nothing can present what - ' RAP;
it does not possess.

According to science, these Life qualities
rise from body function, and vanish when body
function ceases. If that is science, what is
"ignorance"? Perhaps ignorance becomes science
when expressed by scientists!
In 1616, when William Harvey, physician to
the King of England, amazed medical art with
the announcement of his discovery of the circulation of the blood, he could not complete
his discovery by determining how the blood
passes from arteries to veins, as no connecting tubes could be seen by the aid of the best
microscopes available.

Harvey knew the blood must pass from the
arteries to veins, but he could not explain 04
how. For the arteries seemed to end in nothing
and the veins to begin in nothing -- just as the
nerves seem to begin from nothing in the brain.
No connecting tubes were visible between arteries and veins.

Learning little from this experience, medical art blunders on, teaching that nerves be- m
gin in the brain, converge at the medulla por- E